A Weekend on Cape Cod-Camp Constituition Fund Raising Opportunities

Camp Constitution has a number of sponsors that help support our mission. Thanks to our supporters, Camp Constitution, an all-volunteer organization, has never turned down a worthy youngster or family due to a lack of funds. One of our newest sponsors, Captain Bobs Rentals, owned and operated by Bob and Nancy Seeley, have offered a two or three night stay for $125.00 at their rental units on the weekend of May 1st 2nd 3rd. The units are on the Truro-Provincetown Line on Cape Cod, and located right on the beach. The regular value is $200 to $250 per weekend. Take the entire week of May 3rd for $200.00. Guests must bring their own sheets and towels and clean well before departing.

Folks who are interested should call Bob and Nancy at (781) 335-2300 and mention this offer. Check out the rental units on their web site.http://captainbobsrentals.com/