Stolen Election, Electoral Voters and “McPherson vs. Blacker” by Tom Moor


The theft of this election is coming at a key time in our history, and President Trump will not just lie down and accept the steal.  As teachers of the constitution, it is significant to note that the state legislators have exclusive power of appointing electors. Not the governors, nor the election boards. Furthermore, key contested swing states:  AZ, WI, MI, PA, NC, & GA all have state legislatures controlled by republican majorities who will meet December 10th. It will be theirs to decide on which electors, of which party, are appointed. And thus their final say on who won the election in their respective states. This power is confirmed in Article 2, Section one of our National Constitution, and was confirmed, in the 1892 US Supreme Court decision, McPherson v Blacker. Below please find the Justia link to this case and precedent.  Interestingly, it involved the great State of Michigan:     

     The Michigan State Legislature exercises its sacred constitutional authority and issues and issues a subpoena to state
election officials. The Constitutional battle for the heart and soul of this nation has begun.  Please see the local news clip from Lansing, Michigan, dated November 7, 2020 (with the main story starting
at 30 seconds into the clip):