Rev. Steve Craft Addresses Race, Drugs, and Maine’s Governor Paul LePage

Several weeks ago, Camp Constitution instructor Rev. Craft heard a news story about the controversy surrounding Governor Paul LePage which promoted him to write a letter of support to the Governor.  Rev. Craft contacted Hal Shurleff, director of Camp Constitution who suggested that he come to Maine, and hold a press conference.  A date was set, and a news release went out to members of the Maine media  on Monday  September 26 announcing the Wednesday conference.  Mrs. Pat Truman of Hallowell, ME visited the State House the day before the conference hand delivering the news release to members of the State House press.  Mr  Scott Thistle  of the “Portland Press Herald”  received a copy and contacted Mr Shurtleff by phone and did a short interview.  That interview was carried in a number of Maine daily papers including the “Kennebec Journal,” and the “Bangor Daily News,” which prompted numerous members of the media to attend the confeerence  including four T.V. stations.

The press conference lasted 40 minutes.  Hal Shurtleff began the conference by stating that Governor LePage or the Maine Republican Party did not contact Camp Constitution.  Rev. Craft’s opening statement  which included several state legislators was “If I offend you, there’s the door.  Leave.” Rev. Craft took Governor LePage to task for some of his statements, but urged the media to leave him alone.  A reporter asked him about the state of race relations in the U.S. and Rev. Craft answered that “It has become much worse since Obama became President.”   While most of the reporting of the conference was fair, Mr. Thistle’s article had the expected  liberal slant including the accusation that Rev. Craft was a publicity seeker.    A link to the full conference: