ONLINE REGISTRATION OPTION If you have not already registered for camp this year, we have a new online registration system. This system allows the Parent/guardian to create an account and then create a profile for each camper. The system allows the Parent/guardian to create additional campers based on the values already entered for an existing camper. This simplifies data input and speeds up the registration process. Best of all, you will be able to use these same records in subsequent years. After creating all the profiles, you choose which campers to register by adding them to the shopping cart. While our online registration options are being adjusted to reflect the new offerings for our future camp, you may request information via our Registration Inquiry Form or use the below pay pal options to reserve a spot in next year’s camp. We’ll notify you when it is time to fill out the paperwork.
Note: Children under 3 years old are free but they must board with the parent/guardian. All ages are as of the first day of Camp.

Regular Camper
(Students age 12 – 20)

Junior Camper
(Students over age 3 – under age 12)

Adult (non-staff)
(Adults Over age 20 – Includes Parents/Guardians)

Adult Assistant
(Staff: Counselor, Teacher, etc.)

Price is all inclusive: all classes, room and board, field trips and recreation.

Not Registering Anyone Right Now? Please consider sponsoring a camper. See our one-time and recurring donation options below: