I’ve cried for those I don’t know, but especially for the people I love who were intentionally deceived into taking the shots. Finding out you’ve been lied to is so HARD. And even more infuriating when those lies were pivotal to your innocently accepting a genetic injection that could harm or kill you. It’s surreal to process that institutions/leaders/science journals not only failed you, but intentionally did so for their own agenda.
However, not looking at the truth because it’s unsettling & getting your boosters based on these lies only perpetuates the problem. And binds the hands that would help you.
You see, when we RISE as one and the truth is proclaimed from the rooftops –  that instigates a halt to these shots – we not only stop feeding the Big Pharma/Mandate/Passport beast, but more importantly, we gain access to the exact ingredients per lot (they vary) that were injected into the exact person where GOOD scientists, chemists, doctors, analysts are desperate to get their hands on the data to find cures to hopefully reverse the eugenicists  & globalists’ crimes against humanity.
Show me the data! Show me what’s in the shot, the lot numbers, I don’t care what you SAY, SHOW ME THE DATA – If we can get some data, we can start to heal these people – as long as there’s breath, there’s life.” BRILLIANT scientist Dr. Judy Mikovits
Virologist, and Immunologist Dr. Robert Malone, the Developer of the mRNA technology that was used in the Pfizer/Moderna shots warns:
I’ve been through outbreak after outbreak – I’ve never seen anything like this: integration, harmonization, and enforcement. It is overtly authoritarian and it’s coming down from above, and its coordinated, and they’ve developed a bunch of different vehicles to reinforce this dominant narrative and make it so no other information is available to people so that people behave the way that the Health and Human Services and World Health Organization want them to behave. This is behavior control. It’s really psyops, is what’s happening, it’s applied psychological operations to control people and their behavior so they will accept these products, which are still experimental, based on technology that has never been deployed at this level, and as the data are coming out, it becomes more and more clear that these products are NOT completely safe…
“The entire HHS system has been corrupted. The system is deeply corrupted and can no longer be counted on to perform its intended function. Then we go to a higher level, the media is corrupted and coordinated, the government is corrupted and coordinated…with the pharmaceutical industry basically buying access to the Hill and the regulatory capture we’ve seen across multiple agencies.
“With the decisions that the pharmaceutical industry advocated for… that the FDA would be funded largely, directly, by fees from the Pharmaceutical industry – has created a situation in which they’re dependent on that Pharmaceutical money.
In the case of CDC, it has a dual function, it’s there to promote the industry and to regulate the industry. It promotes vaccines, it’s a specific part of its mandate, and yet it also has the mission to regulate and oversee the safety of vaccines. Those two are in conflict. (And the mission that is more highly funded at the CDC is ‘promoting vaccination’).”
Please help me spread truth to others, don’t let these “Dance of Deceit” articles or others like them.  We must share person to person since the media is pumping the propaganda and outright lies big time. Please don’t assume your friends and family have seen these. Share with those you love!
God has placed us each here to fulfill His specific purpose for this generation.
Who knows whether we are come into the kingdom for such a time as this?
Through no choice of our own, we’ve been thrown onto the pages of the history books
with the personal choice to be part of saving or losing freedom.
Furthermore, we are literally racing against the clock
trying to solve the largest binary-poison murder mystery ever (where part A is given, then much later part B is subtly introduced, and the combination of A/B kills the person with no apparent connection to the murderer).
AND we are also on the precipice of rescuing the perishing, saving lives,
both physically & spiritually as they plunge into eternity.
If we “don’t have time for this”, we need to ask ourselves, “Why?”
Instead of agreeing and complying with the unfruitful works of darkness, we are going to reprove them by manifesting the light of truth upon the situation. We need to move quickly because the days are evil.

If you are someone who loves the truth and hates a lying tongue as does our God, then this email series is for you. Throughout this series we will reveal how to stay out of the hospital and why they’re being dubbed “killing fields”; and if you must go to the hospital, how to survive it; what is really happening with these employer mandates; the truths the mainstream media twist to their own advantage to fulfill the agenda of their handlers; what some of the things doctors/scientists are finding in the vaccine vials and the blood of the vaccinated; what the patents utilizing these vaccines reveal about the plan; the priority to save the children; how to learn from history instead of repeat it. We will even discuss the next pandemic Bill Gates has “kindly” told us is coming so we can stop it before it becomes another psyop, and so much more.
It isn’t all-inclusive, that would be several books, it’s only some of the lies, and some of the evidence. But enough.
95% of the links will be new ones I’ve never sent out before, some of them will feature courageous whistleblowers, like Attorney Tom Renz says, .
I got a lot of whistleblowers…these are heros. This is the only hope that we have because the government is so corrupt and lying so badly, we would never have it [proof].” Attorney Tom Renz

Do not be afraid of the truth. Face it head on with power, love, and a sound mind. Too much is at stake to ignore the evidence presented in this series of the lies, lies, dances of deceit.

These lies are literally killing people.
Save a life. It could be your own. Save hundreds, thousands of lives by spreading the truth. Courage is contagious.
Maybe the Lord will empower us and miraculously intervene as He did nearly 250 years ago, to win our FREEDOM. Maybe our Country revealing how much evil is within and hitting rock bottom will lead to revival, a return to the Lord. Or maybe it is setting the stage for what God said will happen in Revelation in the end times.
Remember we PRAY, we step forward in courage, not hide in fear. We resist evil.
We never despair, we never give up, we always HOPE.
We walk by FAITH in the power of the TRUTH.
Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation,
continuing instant in prayer”
“God hath not given us the spirit of fear,
but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”
“The truth shall make you free.”
“Jesus Christ is the same
yesterday, today, and forever.”
“Jesus saith unto him,
I am the way, the truth, and the life.
No man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

Dominique Uhl is a wife and mother who is passionate her children not only grow up free, but that her future grandbabies are born free. She is dedicated to preserving our Constitution & rights as the Founders intended. In a culture teeming with lies and danger, she writes to share truth, preserve freedom, and save lives.