Constitutional Minute #22   Amendments and Critical reading skills – Part 3 of 3

Examples of reading amendment language. We’ll provide the interpretation. You decide.

Sample #1: “Section 1. Total outlays of the government of the United States shall not exceed total receipts of the government of the United States at any point in time unless the excess of outlays over receipts is financed exclusively by debt issued in strict conformity with this article.” Source: H. J. Res. 32, Mar. 19, 2021

This says: “We will not spend more than we take in unless we find a way to spend more than we take in.”, yes?  Next……………..

Sample #2: “No bill to increase revenue shall become law unless approved by a majority of the whole number of each House by a roll call vote”. Source: S. J. Res. 12, 105th Congress, Jan. 28, 1997

 This says we will not raise taxes unless, of course, we vote to raise taxes, yes? Next…………….

Sample #3…. ‘‘Total outlays for any fiscal year shall not exceed 18 percent of the gross domestic product of the United States for the calendar year ending before the beginning of such fiscal year, unless two-thirds of the duly
chosen and sworn Members of each House of Congress…”

Source: S. J. Res., Hyde-Smith, Feb. 2021

Where is there any authority in the Constitution for Congress to link spending to the GDP? So, this is no restriction at all! It is a new authority to spend (linked to GDP), not restricted to the “enumerated powers” only!

Sample #4: Amendment suggested to get rid of the unconstitutional executive (administrative) agencies:  

“All federal departments and agencies shall expire if said departments and agencies are not individually reauthorized in stand-alone reauthorization bills every three years by a majority vote of the House of Representatives and the Senate. ”This says that as long as these unconstitutional executive agencies are reauthorized, they stay! In effect, they legalize agencies that are currently unlawful.

Source: Constitutional Lawyer Mark Levin’s amendment to “limit the federal bureaucracy” (Page 99-100 The Liberty Amendments). He has five more in his book that do the opposite of what he claims. Some constitutional expert!

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