Climate Hustlers Deceiving on Temperature Records Says Professor Willie Soon. one the world’s leading astrophyscists

(Professor Soon asked us to repost this important interview with Alex Newman.)

Government agencies with a vested interest in the man-made global-warming agenda along with the United Nations are deceiving mankind about global temperature records using a number of flagrant errors, explained one of the world’s leading astrophyscists, Dr. Willie Soon, in this interview with The New American magazine’s Alex Newman. Dr. Soon, one of the speakers at the Heartland Institute’s annual climate convention, exposes these tricks, including relying on contaminated temperature data from urban areas that show more heat only due to human development rather than CO2 or global warming, he said. This has been known for over a century, and yet the climate profiteers keep peddling the fraud. Dr. Soon’s published studies on this have been cited even by top UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change scientists in their own work, so they can’t claim to be ignorant. It is time for truth, Dr. Soon warns.