Camp Photos with Greeting Cards

image of Charlie Everett by Camp ConstitutionThis year we will be using a service called Send Out Cards ( Campers and staff will be able to send greeting cards to family and friends containing the official camp photo and up to two of their personal photos. (the photos must come from your digital camera).

This is a web based service so bring your digital camera computer cable.

Although Windows Vista will probably accept photos from any digital camera, to be safe, bring your camera software.

The cost for this service is $1.50 per greeting card (postage included). That is our cost.

You have already received an example of this service as we acknowledged your camp registration with a Send Out Greeting card with a picture of last year’s camp.

The procedure is simple you upload your picture(s) from your camera to our laptop and insert them into the greeting card and then type your personal message, add your return address and the recipients address and click send.

The next day Send Out Cards will print your card, stuff it into an envelop and put a real stamp on it and mail it (the cards are NOT sent through the internet)

If you would like to try this service, before you get to camp, go to the website and click on the free card banner and you will be instructed how to send out a card. You can chose from some 13,000 cards. Obviously you won’t be able to insert a photo with this free sample.

See you on the 5th

Charles Everett
Camp Administrator