Camp Constitution Reprints Source Document on the Federal Reserve

Camp Constitution Press just released “From Farm Boy to Financier:  Eye Witness Jekyll Island, GA Creation of the Federal Reserve.”  This is possibly the first time since its first appearance in the February 9, 1935 issue of “The Saturday Evening Post” that this has been reprinted.  The article, was a chapter of the autobiography of Frank Vanderlip’s  “From Farm Boy to Financier.”  Mr. Vanderlip along with six others,  attended the secret meeting on Jekyll Island, Georgia in the fall of 1910.   Few people outside the circles of the banking elite knew about this secret meeting.  A few articles were written about the meeting before Mr. Vanderlip’s ,  but these reports had little information and were generally dismissed.  It wasn’t until Mr. Vanderlip’s article, twenty-five years after the event did the world  learn of this meeting.  Vanderlip writes that he was “as secretive-indeed, as furtive-as any conspirator.”

This reprint is a must for all serious students and teachers of the Federal Reserve System.  It is available on Amazon for $4 plus postage.  Proceeds will go to support Camp Constitution’s annual summer camp program. Farmboy