Are You Familiar with the Shurtleff Case? Senator Josh Hawley to Colleen Shogan, Nominated to be National Archivist

Last week, the US. Senate Judiciary Committee held a confirmation hearing for Colleen Shogan nominated by Joe Biden to be National Archivist.  Senator Hawley exposed her as a far-left anti-Christian bigot which is the norm for a Biden nominee for any position in his administration.  She refused to acknowledge her ranting on social media.  In this short clip of the hearing, Hawley asks Shogun if she has heard of the “Shurtleff case?”  Hawley takes her to task for offering legal advice to a friend who complained of religious flags on federal property.


Since the 9-0 U.S. Supreme Court decision “Shurtleff v Boston”, Camp Constitution’s lawsuit against the City of Boston, dozens of towns and cities across the United States have banned third party flags which include the Rainbow flag.  USA Today recently ran a story on the subject: