Zip Tying Basketball Nets in Boston to Save Us From the Coronavirus

Driving around in his unsustainable SUV,  Marty Walsh, the Mayor of Boston, was horrified to see people playing basketball in violation of all of the new rules and regulations that have been enacted.  So, what would have been construed as an act of vandalism or at the very least a public nuance just a week ago,  he ordered that all of the basketball nets in Boston’s parks and playground be zip tied.

Mayor Walsh, the same man who back in February  called people racist for not going to Chinatown for fear of getting the virus,   turned Boston into a sanctuary city, promotes unsafe sexual activities that weaken the immune system, and signed an ordinance to ban plastic bags and promote the use of unsanitary reusable bags, knows what is best for Bostonians.   There are more people in an isle of a Boston grocery store than on a basketball court, but common sense is one of the first victims of government overreach,  While he closes down city parks, and churches, he and Governor Baker consider abortion mills “essential” and have allowed them to remain open.