Where Do We Find the Job Description of the President of the United States?

While we hear plenty of rhetoric of who and who is not presidential, we don’t seem to hear just what is the job description of the President of the United States.  Does the job description include being the  most powerful leader in the free world? Is the president suppose to create jobs?

We don’t have to search any further that Article 2, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution to find the power and duties of the President:

The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States; he may require the Opinion, in writing, of the principal Officer in each of the executive Departments, upon any subject relating to the Duties of their respective Offices, and he shall have Power to Grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.

He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur; and he shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, Judges of the supreme Court, and all other Officers of the United States, whose Appointments are not herein otherwise provided for, and which shall be established by Law: but the Congress may by Law vest the Appointment of such inferior Officers, as they think proper, in the President alone, in the Courts of Law, or in the Heads of Departments.”  And, in Article 1, Section 7, Paragraph 3:

Every Order, Resolution, or Vote to which the Concurrence of the Senate and House of Representatives may be necessary (except on a question of Adjournment) shall be presented to the President of the United States; and before the Same shall take Effect, shall be approved by him, or being disapproved by him, shall be repassed by two thirds of the Senate and House of Representatives, according to the Rules and Limitations prescribed in the Case of a Bill.”

Congress, under the Constitution, has far more power and duties than the president.  Unfortunately, most American including members of Congress and presidential hopefuls, don’t even know the job description of the president.   Let’s help change that by promoting and teaching the U.S. Constitution.