We Cannot Let This Continue by Tom DeWeese

     I am outraged by what the Progressive Democrats are attempting to do while the nation has been experiencing a crisis.
As you know, Nancy Pelosi and her ilk used the pandemic emergency to try to sneak their own radical agenda into the emergency recovery bill.  Specifically, they pushed their attack on private business, private health care and private property as an attempt to enforce the radical Green New Deal. But that is just the beginning!

Now, as the crisis begins to subside and people are looking forward to getting their lives back to normal, the forces behind the Green New Deal are preparing to push even harder to put it into law, especially on the local level.

Once the current threat passes, the Sustainable forces are going to rush into the void to keep much of these emergency powers in place.

They are preparing plans right now to force their agenda in state legislatures and city councils after this crisis passes. They are determined to force the Green New Deal into every corner of our lives. If you’ve hated the empty shelves and the daily uncertainty of the Corona crisis, then you have experienced a small portion of life under the Green New Deal.  They are determined to keep many of the massive controls in place. Free enterprise, individual choice, and private property ownership are the main targets.

Here are just a few of the messages the radical promoters of the Green New Deal were issuing on how to use the Coronavirus tactics to promote their green agenda.

  • “Global Green New Deal supporters Urge World Leaders to Learn from Coronavirus to tackle Climate Crisis.”
  • “The coronavirus pandemic makes what we’ve already known clear: we need a Green New Deal to stop climate change, provide desperately needed jobs, and halt future mass pandemics.”
  • Time to switch to Game B – a globally cooperative humanity worth its name…The plan has a name: The Green New Deal.”
  • Radical leftist New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the chief sponsor of the Green New Deal, is using the coronavirus panic to attack the property rights of landlords, saying “people shouldn’t be making money off of just owning property.” She is targeting landlords because by destroying them it will force all housing to be government housing – just as called for in the Green New Deal.
  • The leftist Governor of California said the coronavirus crisis is “an opportunity to advance a more progressive agenda.”

Can it be any more obvious what the Globalist Left has in mind for the freedoms of the United States?

I want to let you know that while most of the nation has been nearly paralyzed with fear over the Coronavirus, APC has not. I have been preparing plans to move forward in our fight to Stop Agenda 21 and the Green New Deal threat.

To stop them we must now use our time wisely to prepare for those upcoming fights. We must produce a well-trained force of dedicated activists who will effectively take the political fight into every local and state government.

As you may know, I have been preparing and organizing training seminars. Obviously, we couldn’t hold them while people have been hunkered down at home, unable to gather in meetings. So here is what I have initiated. APC is about ready to sponsor our own series of training webinars through the Internet. This will allow people to participate right at home rather than travel and pay for hotel rooms.

We will be covering details on how to research, organize, and apply pressure on local and state officials. There will also be training on how to disrupt facilitated meetings, and how to run candidates for office. APC has prepared a complete package. Everything I had planned to do in day-long seminars.

The American Policy Center is the only national organization that is knowledgeable, focused, and ready to take action against the Green New Deal. That’s because I’ve been fighting this agenda for over 27 years. I know what it is, who is behind it, how it will be introduced to your city council –- and how to defeat it. The Green New Deal is Agenda 21.

During this pandemic, government at all levels have grabbed massive powers to control our lives. Government rarely lets go of those powers. You and I must fight against powerful forces to restore those freedoms. We have never faced such a threat to American liberty.

That’s why I urgently need you to help me assure APC has the vital funding we need to make all of this happen. Will you send to me your most generous gift possible today? I’ve never needed it more. You and I cannot allow these massive regulations over our lives to become the “new normal”!

If you and I fail to stand up and take action now – we may never get the chance again. The time is now, we are the ones to take the lead. 

I’m ready. Will you stand with me, Friend?

Tom DeWeese
American Policy Center
About the American Policy Center
The American Policy Center is one of the original organizations to dedicate its mission to stopping the enforcement of Agenda 21 in order to preserve American property rights. APC President Tom DeWeese has traveled to nearly every state speaking out on the threat of UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development Policy. He has testified before local and state elected officials, while appearing on countless national and local radio and television programs. He has written three books on the subject including the best-selling book Sustainable: The WAR on Free Enterprise, Private Property and Individuals, ERASE, a fictionalized political thriller that is being considered as a movie project, and his first book titled Now Tell Me I was Wrong, which details a wide variety of related issues including property rights, radical environmentalism, public education and personal privacy issues. In addition, DeWeese has written hundreds of articles that have been published in national and local publications reaching millions of readers. The American Policy Center is supported by individual donations from approximately 100,000 citizens from across the nation providing small, personal donations. APC’s website, www.americanpolicy.org features one of the most detailed archive of articles on the subject, and is visited by readers from almost every nation in the world.
APC has helped in winning several recent property rights battles including stopping three National Heritage Area land-grabs in Virginia, Colorado, and Louisiana. Local activists educated by APC were able to lead the fight in a small town in Alabama called Bayou-La Batre, where the city council voted 5–0 to stop an Agenda 21 inspired Eco-tourism scheme that would have destroyed property rights and local industry. A team of county commissioners, using APC materials, were elected in Carroll County, Maryland by opposing Agenda 21 policy. The National Republican Party used APC materials to prepare and include an anti-Agenda 21 plank in its platform. The State of Alabama used APC materials to become the first state in the nation to pass legislation to ban Agenda 21. APC is now working with both landlords’ and cattleman’s associations across the nation to stop the destruction of these vital industries that have become victims of sustainable policy. Activists in Denmark have produced several anti-Agenda 21 videos featuring APC materials, including distributing Tom DeWeese’s book, Sustainable to Denmark’s Prime Minister and to every mayor in Denmark. A senator in Australia has used APC materials to build opposition in that country. In Brazil, APC materials have been translated to Portuguese and widely distributed to help build a large opposition in that country. The American Policy Center is the only national organization that has made the stopping of Agenda 21 its prime mission. The battle is growing.