“Unsustainable” Director James Jaeger Films at Camp Constitution’s Family Camp

Last year, I had the privilege to meet James Jaeger, film director, at the Flag Day/2nd Amendment Rally hosted by Dave Kopaz in Western, MA.   Shortly thereafter, I interviewed him on Camp Constitution Radio. James has directed and produced a number of excellent documentaries including Original Intent and Fiat Empire.  James is now producing Unsustainable, a documentary on Agenda 21.  James made a list of people he wanted in the documentary which included a number of Camp Constitution instructors.  I invited James to come to our family camp interview our instructors  for the documentary which saved him time and money.  He enjoyed his time at camp, and impressed by our camp program.  Camp Constitution will be credited in the film.     Below is James latest progress report with short videoclips of the cast:

Progress Report
12 August 2019
Dear Agenda 21 Associate,
We now have 13 interviews for  UNSUSTAINABLE done.  Click on the below viewer to screen excerpts of them.
The interviews completed are: TOM DEWEESE, KRISANNE HALL and DAVID KOPACZ completed in Auburn, Massachusetts on 15 June 2019.  NIKOLA LONCHAR and DAVID PASSIO completed in Malvern, Pennsylvania on 19 July 2019.  G. EDWARD GRIFFIN and KENNETH GULLEKSON in Thousand Oaks, California completed on 30 July 2019.  And JOHN McMANUS, DEBBIE BACIGALUPI, LORD CHRISTOPHER MONCKTON, WILLIE SOON, HAL SHURTLEFF and REV. STEVEN LOUIS CRAFT in Pittsfield, Massachusetts completed on 02 August 2019
These experts address the issues in the Script, such summarized in the Synopsis.  We are now more than half way done with this project.  Here is a summary of what’s left to do, but the Budget gives the details:
1) Interview about 4 more experts;
2) Complete the narration;
3) Edit the show.
If you are in a position to donate we still have an Associate Producer, Executive Producer and Producer screen credit available in the MAIN title sequence.  Go towww.UNSustainable.us/donate  If you are of more modest means your donation of $50 – $100 will be appreciated just as much.  These films are built by a few people donating larger sums and many people donating smaller sums.  Please watch the Trailer or read the below synopsis to see why a donation is important.
The UN’s Agenda for World Domination
Globalists in the Power Elite — working through the United Nations — are waging war against property rights, gun rights and capitalism in order to usher in a Marxist World Order. This war is known as “Agenda 21.”
Considered a “conspiracy theory” by the Mainstream Media and other apologists of globalization, the flagship term for Agenda 21 — “sustainable development” — crops up in thousands of federal, state and local government laws, regulations, policies and documents.  So is Agenda 21 really just a “theory”?
The UN says “sustainable development” is simply the “Environmental Movement” reconfiguring the planet into a safe, green world. Others maintain it’s the forced inventory and control of all land, water, minerals, plants, animals, building projects and human beings on the planet. In other words, a blueprint for what many fear could morph into a totalitarian World Government.  So what’s the real agenda behind Agenda 21? To answer that, UNSUSTAINABLE will explore influences, effects and spawns, such as:
Middle Class-gutting trade agreements (NAFTA, GATT, TPP, WTO);
Fear generated by “global warming,” now called “climate change”;
G5 weapon systems sold as the next generation of cell phones;
Rewilding of rural America for animals only;
Depopulating the world through covert means;
Concentrated energy weapons and their possible role in forest fires;
Illegal immigration changing the politics of the nation;
Erosion of U.S. sovereignty through process of “regionalization”;
Environmental extremism;
Eye-on-the-street surveillance for “stack & pack human settlements”;
Foreign government invasions through ICLEI and COGs;
Suppression of vital new technologies (FUSION, SOLAR, ALIEN, TESLA);
Confiscation of real estate by conservation easements and historic trusts;
War on single-family home ownership in suburban America;
Condos and Socialist Home Owners Associations (HOAs);
Never-ending infringements on the Second Amendment;
Invalidation and suppression of a Constitutional Militia System;
Media “distortion” which violates FCC Regulations;
Control Group discrimination in Mainstream Media;
Ever-expanding police and surveillance state;
Dumbing down and drugging up of children;
Implementation of the “Ten Planks of Communism.”
A more perfect union is created by the few men and women who care enough to address Agenda 21 and that which is UNSUSTAINABLE.
WE THE PEOPLE are mostly asleep about UN Agenda 21 and the above influences, effects and spawns.  The UN’s Agenda for world domination is just a “conspiracy theory” to many people who are still asleep or brainwashed by network TV.  Let’s wake up a few more patriots before it’s too late.