UN Lobbying Group to Launch Congressional Caucus on March 13 by Granite State Futures

Dear Friends in Liberty,

If I know you, and I think I do, you are all patriots who believe in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. You know that the constitutional republic is the best form of government because, ideally, it was created for only a very few purposes; to protect our lives, guarantee our liberty, our rights to our property, and nothing much else.

Goodness knows it has strayed so far from this.

It pains me to think that while we as conservatives, labor at the local and state level to keep liberty and the spirit of the republic alive, there are REPUBLICANS in CONGRESS IN DC, with others, who are seeking to sabotage our efforts.

Congressman Darrell Issa (R) who follows us on Twitter, is part of this effort.

For your convenience, I have included the whole article below, with links.

I hope you will take the time to read this in full and follow the links to the Venture website.
Like other insidious lobbies, the UN will be permanently embedded in all the doings of Congress.
Zack Huhn tells me he is a ‘conservative’ and confused about why I think he’s associated with any of these regionalism groups. In fact, he says they don’t even USE the word regional ever. REALLY?

UN Lobbying Group to Launch Congressional Caucus on March 13
Congress is selling out our government to the United Nations and its goals.

We’ve had personal correspondence with this guy. His name is Zack Huhn. When I ask  him what the heck he thinks he is doing, he says he’s “confused”.

He claims his organization has nothing to do with the UN, their SDG goals or regionalism, and in fact, never even uses the word “regionalism”.

But now, on March 13, he is planning the launch of a congressional caucus (more like a group with permanent lobbying status and access to our legislators in DC) under the auspices of his group “Venture Smarter”. He is doing this  WITH THE HELP OF CONGRESSIONAL REPUBLICANS like Darrell Issa (R).

In an article written by Zack Huhn, Venture Smarter CEO, he describes:

“For cities and nations dedicated to the UN SDG’s, the foundation is especially appealing as a means by which to shorten project timeframes and enhance outcomes.”

Does that sound like he’s not at all connected to the United Nations agenda as he claims?

He says “For Cities, we might call them “Smart City Development Goals,” but the foundational principals remain the same: 100% Connected.”

He concludes with this:  “The UN SDG’s are a good model, but no easy feat. By focusing on smart and connected development first, we will streamline efforts related to each of the United Nations Sustainable Development goal as we build smart cities and connected communities rooted in solutions that create better places to live, work, and visit.” 

“Interested in setting Smart and Connected Development Goals in your region?
Get in touch! (e) hello@venturesmarter.com ”

Indeed. Someone ought to email Zack and ask why he lied to me. This is the UN agenda on steroids. Complete connectivity and 100% CONTROL over all human “settlements”, land ownership, property rights, transportation modes, food distribution, and educational content.

 Read the whole article here…

They want your soul…

Please let me know what you think. I’ve contacted Rosa Koire, Tom DeWeese, John Anthony, and Hal Shurtleff who now works with Tom DeWeese. Am I the only one who knows this is happening?

Darrell Issa follows us on Twitter as a result of my tagging him about this, but has not responded.

Yours in Liberty,