UN Exploits Children to Advance Climate Agenda by Debbie Bacigalupi

   The UN and its members are using and weaponizing the impressionable young. All over COP24 (the most recent global warming conference), young people were present in numbers like never before. Perhaps the most recognizable face was an autistic 15-year-old from Sweden named Greta Thunberg, who was plastered across newspapers and TV screens worldwide lecturing adults on the need to stop alleged man-made global-warming. Her claim to fame: Skipping school to save the “climate” and encouraging other students to do the same.

  But Greta was just one among many. In coordination with other groups such as “Indigenous” peoples, We Are Still In (USA), Climate Nexus, just to name a few, the youth organized by the hundreds blocking COP24 hallways and disrupting events. They demanded “climate justice” or chanted loudly in unison some other UN-approved catchy slogan.

   The young preached about “anthropogenic warming,” “the science is settled,” “the Paris Agreement,”, “resiliency,” “adaptation and mitigation,” “fossil-free” and “de-carbonizing” the world, the need for “carbon taxes,” “stolen lands,” “action plans,” biodiversity, wildfires, floods, sea rise, droughts…anything weather related must be man-made. Their dire messages matched that of the UN’s: We must act now to stop global warming or else in twelve years Earth will be unrecognizable and uninhabitable.

   Nonetheless, the UN is fulfilling on its Sustainable Development Goals.  In this case, number 4 for “sustainable education.” The so-called UN 2030 Agenda identifies children as “critical agents of change.” Thus, all youth must be taught to “promote sustainable development.” At COP24, their success in this regard was evident everywhere. Adolf Hitler probably said it best, “He alone who owns the youth gains the future.” And at the UN, the youth are being trained, encouraged, and used to spread global-warming alarmism and forward a fundamentally transformed future plagued by controlling human action at every level.

  The following are just a few examples of youth’s engagement at the conference:

  “JUST” RUDE! During the Trump’s administration presentation on the benefits of coal, hundreds of “youth” took over for more than ten minutes, stormed the stage, loudly and rudely mocked the panelists, all while shouting about “stolen lands” and “climate justice.” (Exclusive video of this can be found on TNA’s YouTube.)

  JUST” SAD! In an interview with Regan (a high-school student from Santa Barbara, California, now living in Fiji and attending a “Green” school) she executed a perfectly coiffed interview about “climate justice,” “Sustainable Development”, the “importance” of being “vegan” and “humane” to animals while fearlessly calling out “guilty” major organizations (like PepsiCo). When she “messed up” she asked to start over, composed herself, and began again for perfect UN messaging.

   LOCK THEM UP! Exclusive TNA footage of a young adult from Germany (who is shocked that climate skeptics would attend the global warming conference) chants “lock them up” when asked what should happen to skeptics of the man-made warming hypothesis.

   YOUNG EXPERTS! Cornell University (New York) students shared their so-called climate-change-expertise of California’s wildfires, adaptation, and solutions. One conference solution suggested less people living in rural forested areas.

   PULL YOUR HEART STRINGS! Adult representatives from the Pacific Islands shared “climate” horror stories with the Katowice children’s choir. Afterwards, the kids dressed in gas masks to entertain a standing-room only audience with sad songs about the environment. “I Need Air to Breathe,” they sang as a video displayed young kids in “climate action” caring for the Earth.

   EXPLOIT! On a massive monitor World Bank Group looped footage of young adults in “climate change” action with the slogan “Youth are Unstoppable.”

   POLICE THE ADULTS! We interviewed a 23 year-old, Mary, who shared that her responsibility as the Norwegian Youth Delegate was to make sure the adults were fulfilling on their UN commitments.

   The children are being groomed to usher in the UN’s One World agenda, with “climate justice” as a pretext. The totalitarians have netted the youth, hook, line, and sinker like never before.

   None of this should be a surprise, though. Just head to your local university bookstore and examine the required texts. Check out a Common Core-aligned lesson on climate change. They are capturing the youth right in front of us. If freedom-loving Americans hope to preserve liberty and justice, rest is not an option.  Get moving!