U.N Day of Shame

Inside the U.N. by Steve Bonta

Today marks the official founding of the United Nations = 65 years ago.  Sold to the United States as the last and best hope for peace, the United Nations was founded for the purpose of the creation of a world government.  Few Americans know that the man who wrote the U.N. Charter was a Stalinist agent-Alger Hiss.  Since 1945, the United States has given up much of its sovereignty to the U.N under the U.N. Participation Act.   This explains why the U.S. never wins wars and why Congress hasn’t declared war since 1941.

Camp Constitution believes that the U.S. should get out of the U.N.  We have a number of excellent books available at our camp bookstore on the subject of the U.N. and have a few videos on our Youtube Channel done by Rev. Craft entitled “Get us Out of the U.N.”