Types of Summer Camp

One of the most exciting and integral part of our childhood is the summer camps. They are one of the best options to consider incase you want to really have fun with the same group of persons incase you are really intending to enjoy life to the fullest. The kids find this as one of the best options of being outdoors away from home with some of their best friends and a great opportunity to mingle, have fun with the kids of their age and make new friends. But as far as the kids are considered the ultimate right of selecting the best of the summer camps rests with the parents. The parents have to keep in mind the dual goal of making their kids have a jovial time as well as provide an opportunity to the kids to learn some new and innovative things. However this is not a stone crackling decision to be made, there are vast numbers of options available in the market. Some of them are as follows:

Day camps or day and night camps

First it is essential for the parents to understand whether they are intending to move on to a day or an overnight caps. Day camps offer the activities to the kids which are spread throughout the day and in the night the children can get back home. Such camps are referred to as day camps. On the other hand the overnight camps are camps wherein the kids would stay at the camps throughout the day as well as in the night. Such camps are also termed as extended camps which exist for few weeks or a month. It would be preferable to send the kids for the first time on the day camps so that they could be aware of the camp environment and then the second or the third time when the kids go for visiting the summer camps they can go in for overnight summer camps. Hence it is essential that the kids are sent to the overnight camps only once they are aware about the basics of the camp life.

Academic or the scholarly camps

These camps are conducted with the educational focus in mind, they are conducted to teach the children based on different and interesting strategies, it teaches the kids from a different perspective than the usual medium of class room teaching. These camps have proven to be really beneficial to the kids from the curriculum point of view and kids enjoy these camps though they have an educational motive hidden in them.

Adventurous Camps

You would have seen many of the summer camps have adventure camps as their tag line in their advertisements. The adventurous camps offer the kids with an opportunity of mountain trekking, rock climbing but in addition to this they offer the kids to learn certain specific things. These adventure camps are expensive than the other options of summer camps.

Art Camps

These camps are one of the best options to steer the creativity within your children. However they not only offer creative programs but they do have other enjoyment programs for the kids.


Source: Types of Summer Camp