True Story from the Hospital Killing Fields of WI, case before WI Supreme Court Jan 17, 2023, need PRAYER

 John Zingsheim walked into a WI Hospital in the Aurora Health Care system.  He was not life-flighted or on a stretcher, but he walked in, tested positive for Covid, and within 10 min, the doctor told him, “Mr. Zingsheim, you’re going to die.” and placed him into the deadly NIH hospital protocol.
This protocol included unproven Emergency Use Authorization drugs Remdesivir and Baricitinib. John’s Power of Attorney (POA), his nephew Allen Gahl, demanded he be taken off the injurious drugs. John requested lifesaving treatments like Ivermectin and high dose IV Vitamin C, but the hospital refused. On the WI hospitals POA form, there is a statute that requires the hospital to give “necessary treatments” requested by the POA, but these were denied John. Instead, Remdesivir showed up on his chart for a second time in direct contradiction to the Power of Attorney’s explicit directions.
 Due to these NIH death-inducing protocols John had sepsis multiple times, John’s kidneys failed, he was on dialysis, and he was dying on the Ventilator.
The hospital sent a hospice team to each family member trying to convince them to “pull the plug” on John, stating there was nothing more they could do at that point since they were claiming his kidneys, and his lungs were scarred, and he would never be able to return to a livable quality of life. The family sought help from the legal system and refused to end John’s life. And the hospital refused to give him Ivermectin, even though he was dying.
Aurora argued that when a medical treatment [like Ivermectin] falls beneath their standard of care for patient safety, then the court has no right to intervene for the patient.
 The Waukesha Circuit Court said, oh yes, we do, the patient/family has requested Ivermectin to try to save his life, and we approve an outside doctor going into the hospital to administer the Ivermectin to him. Although FLCCC (Frontline Covid Critical Care) Co-founder Dr. Pierre Kory, world-renowned expert in Ivermectin, was present & ready to testify that day in the Circuit Court, and although Attorney Karen Mueller told the judge, unfortunately the court never called on him to do so. Thankfully the circuit court still made the correct decision for the patient’s right to try. The family rejoiced that he could be given Ivermectin, they signed away any liability to the hospital for treating with Ivermectin, and the outside doctor was made ready. While the good doctor was getting in the car to go to John to administer the Ivermectin, the higher Appellate Court paused the order.
Aurora had immediately taken it to the Appellate Court, which resulted in the pause, and eventually they ruled that the Waukesha Circuit Court erred in their decision (to give this dying man the Ivermectin). So, the outside doctor was barred admittance to administer the lifesaving Ivermectin.

People across WI, including my family, protested for John’s life in front of the Aurora hospital in Oconomowoc. Christians across America prayed. Thank you to everyone on my email list who joined in our prayers for John. Through a series of miraculous events, John Zingsheim shared he was secretly given Ivermectin and with all the prayers going up on his behalf, beat the odds and survived the NIH protocol and the hospital’s treatment for over ten months, more than a 100 of those days on the Ventilator, captive within their walls. 

 Today John is breathing on his own with a little help from supplemental oxygen and his kidneys both healed and came back to full function. It was such an honor for our family to meet John, a living miracle, Jan 3rd at the Defending Life Rally, where he spoke for 5 min:

 John’s case, Allen Gahl v Aurora Health Care Inc, has now come before the WI Supreme Court and Attorney Karen Mueller will present oral arguments this Tuesday, January 17th. You can watch it for free on livestream at There are 3 cases being heard that morning, ours is the 2nd case, estimated to start around 11am, but in case they’re running early, I’d aim to be watching by 10:30 am central time.

 So, we need serious prayer for wisdom for Constitutional Christian Attorney Karen Mueller in her oral arguments, that the Lord will work in the seven Justices’ hearts (liberals & conservatives alike), as this case will set precedent, not just for WI, but across our Nation and save countless lives!! Remember, hundreds of our countrymen are being murdered in the American hospitals caused by this deadly NIH protocol every day. Those truly burdened to stop this bloodshed may consider fasting with their praying, and praying live as they watch on wiseye as the events unfold in the WI Supreme Courtroom. Please forward to others for prayer!
In the link below on the HOME PAGE, the first video on the left shows a recent gathering across the street from the Aurora Health Care Center, with John’s Attorney, Karen Mueller, with John’s POA Allen Gahl, with John himself, and a group of loving supporters. It’s beautifully done in only 5 min, and I’d recommend watching it.
In fact, I’d recommend clicking through the rest of Amos Center For Justice & Liberty website, too. I don’t know if people realize how rare Karen is. The fact that Karen not only readily stepped forward to take a case other Attorneys would not, but that she is devoted to fighting for life is because God has placed her here For Such a Time As This.
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