The Weekly Sam: The Islamization of Eurupe

This article from the Sam Blumenfeld Archives was written over 10 years ago:


Oriana Fallaci, the intrepid Italian journalist, known for her no-holds-barred interviews of world leaders and celebrities, has written a book which the Moslems in Europe have tried to ban. Titled The Rage and the Pride, it was written as a response to the attack on New York and Washington on September 11,2001, in which 3,000 human beings perished in the World Trade Center Towers, in four hijacked airliners, and in the Pentagon, killed by Islamic fundamentalists. The book is a powerful alarm to wake up the West to the Reverse Crusade launched by this Islamic Pearl Harbor. Fallaci is the only writer I know of who has connected what happened on 9/ll with what has been going on in Europe for the last fifteen years: a massive invasion by Moslem immigrants. She characterizes this invasion as the Reverse Crusade, by which the Moslems hope to dominate Christian Europe from which they were expelled in the 15th century. She writes: People are afraid to speak against the Islamic world. Afraid to offend, and to be punished for offending, the sons of Allah. You can insult the Christians, the Buddhists, the Hindus, the Jews. You can slander the Catholics, you can spit on the Madonna and Jesus Christ. But, woe betide the citizen who pronounces a word against the Islamic religion.

What particularly disturbs Fallaci is the extent to which Italy has been impacted by the Moslem invasion. And the reason why Italy permits these immigrants to stay is because Italians have the lowest birthrate in Europe, and they don’t want the menial jobs. But the hope has always been that immigrants would be absorbed into Italian culture, so that the generation born in Italy would adopt Italian or Western ways and attitudes. But Fallaci writes: Because our cultural identity has been well defmed for thousands of years we cannot bear a migratory wave of people who have nothing to do with us … who are not ready to become like us, to be absorbed by us …. Who, on the contrary, aim to absorb us. To change our principles, our values, our identity, our way of life. And who in the meantime molest us with their retrograde ignorance, their retrograde bigotry, their retrograde religion. I am saying that in our culture there is no room for the muezzins, for the minarets, for the phony abstemious, for the humiliating chador, for the degrading burkah. Fallaci is infuriated by the way Islamic fundamentalists treat women. She quotes the two testaments that Muhammed Atlah, the leader of the 9/11 attack, left for his parents: “At my funeral I do not want impure things. Meaning, animals and women …. Not even around my grave do I want impure beings. Especially the most impure: pregnant women.” But of course, there was no funeral for Attah who was burnt to ashes with the rest of his fellow hijackers and the passengers in the plane. It requires a diabolical mind to believe that this is something God called for. There is nothing in Judaism or Christianity that calls for such diabolical behavior. And there is nothing in Biblical religion that calls for the total degradation of women. The burkah is probably the most degrading form of dress ever conceived by any culture for women. It puts them in a mo bile prison, reducing them to a form of chattel, a movable piece of personal property. They have no rights, no freedoms, and are forced to remain ignorant, illiterate, and enslaved by their husbands.

In Afghanistan, women have been given the right not to wear the burkah, which was required under the Taliban. Yet, there are many women in Afghanistan who still wear the burkah because of custom and the fear of their husbands. What is amazing is how passively the Europeans have allowed this invasion to take place. It’s as if the Islamization of Europe were taking place in a cultural vacuum. But it is not so much a cultural vacuum as it is a spiritual one. Western Europe has long fallen away from its Christian roots mainly through the prevalence of its atheist leftists in positions of power in politics and academe. Christianity has been replaced by communism and socialism, the two utopian philosophies of the 20<1> century for which millions of human beings were sacrificed. And so, why resist the Islamic invasion which is being aided and abetted by the Left. But the rise of Le Pen in France, and so-called right-wingers elsewhere in Europe, are the rumblings of a growing opposition to Islamization. Brigitte Bardot, the famous French mm star, has written her own passionate book, A Scream in the Silence, in which she proclaims: “I am against the Islamization of France …. For centuries our forefathers, the ancients, our grandfathers, our fathers gave their lives to chase all successive invaders from France.” But when will the French fight back? There are now six million Muslims in France who want the right to send their daughters to secular public schools wearing the chador. They want to impose their culture on France, and they are a power to be reckoned with. It was Charles de Gaulle who betrayed the Christian West, in 1962, when he surrendered French Algeria to the Arabs, forcing the flight of over a million Europeans and Jews from North Africa. It was the presence of France in North Africa that kept the Arabs in check and permitted the creation of a productive civilization in that part of the world. But de Gaulle’s retreat from North Africa made the Reverse Crusade inevitable. France had invaded Aljgeria in 1830 to put a stop to Moslem depredations along the Mediterranean coast. The French stayed, and Europeans settled there, building farms, vineyards, factories, and a European way of life. Algeria became a prosperous French colony in which the Arabs enjoyed a high degree of safety and freedom. Today, with the French gone, Islamic radicals are free to slit the throats of children sleeping in their beds. And so, six million Algerians have gone to France, with a large contingent of anti Semitic radicals among them. And they have brought Islam with them. With the Islamization of Europe has come a resurgence of anti-Semitism sparked by the hatred of Israel. The Arab-European League, a militant Arab nationalist party, is one of the Islamic groups responsible for inciting hatred of Jews. In pro-Palestinian marches in Antwerp, Belgium, police warned Jews not to go to their temples because their safety could not be guaranteed. Some European Jews are emigrating to Israel. But Israel is not exactly a safe haven.

The Jerusalem Report of June 2, 2003 reported: Ran Baron, 23, Yanai Weiss, 46, and French immigrant Dominique Caroline Hass, 29, were killed and about 60 wounded when a suicide bomber identified as AssifHanif, 21, of Britain blew himself up outside Mike’s Place, a beachfront pub in Tel Aviv on April 30. An accomplice of Hanifs, Omar Sharif, 27, also of Britain, escaped after his suicide bomb failed to detonate. Over 700 Israelis have been killed by suicide bombers since the beginning of this latest Intifada. And it is interesting that suicide bombers are now being recruited among European Moslems in this world-wide religious war. Fallaci writes: All the so-called Revolutions of Islam began in the mosques. Not in the Universities, as the [liberals 1 want us to believe. Behind every Islamic terrorist there is an Imam, and Khomeini was an Imam …. And I declare that many Imams (too many) are spiritual guides to terrorism. What do the Imams in the mosques of America preach? Is a non-Moslem American permitted to enter a mosque and [md out? Over the years I have attended Jewish synagogues, Protestant churches, Catholic churches, Mormon churches, and never did I hear a sermon that preached hatred of someone or anyone. But Islam is a religion of hatred that has no place in a tolerant Christian civilization. We wonder if some young American Moslems are being prepared to become the suicide bombers of the future. We hope the Homeland Security Department knows the answer. But all they presently see in their American liberators is disorganization and confusion. Nobody knows who’s in charge, not even American soldiers know. Thus, our troops are confronted daily by angry mobs that want jobs, or food, or relief; none of which our troops can provide. WIllIe the United States wants Iraq to be run by the Iraqis, the transition from Saddam’s murderous regime to a benign democracy may take much longer than we think. In the interim, the Iraqis need American authority to bring them out of chaos. They need a symbolic figure of authority who represents American goals and can create the framework of a reconstructed democratic Iraq. But where is that authority? Where is that top man who can hold press conferences and speak on Iraqi television to assure the Iraqis of what our intentions are? Meanwhile, we have a glaring vacancy at the top, indicating chaos and disorganization among the liberators.



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