The Weekly Sam: Riots, Revolution, and the Creation of a Permanent Black Underclass

In the wake of the 1992 Los Angeles riots, Sam Blumenfeld did a brief interview explaining that the Elites who run our government schools share a part of the blame for the riots.  He said that their policies have led directly to the creation of a black underclass that is illiterate, angry and useful to the Elite.  While these words were spoken almost 30 years ago, he could have been commenting about today’s situation.

In June of 198, Sam dedicated a newsletter entitled “Eugenics in American Education and the Making of a Black Underclass: 

Sam dedicated his life exposing the Elites and worked to make America literate again. .  He volunteered his time to an inner-city organization in Boston’s Roxbury section called the WAAITT-We Are All In This Together-House where he taught phonics to adults.

Here is a link to an MP3 version of  the interview posted on our Podomatic page:



























































Riots, Revolution and the Creation of a Permanent Black Underclass – YouTube