The Weekly Sam: Moise Tshombe and Sam Blumenfeld

Sam Blumenfeld was one of the founders of “American Friends of Katanga.”  Few Americans know anything about Katanga, and the atrocities that racist United Nations’s “peacekeepers” committed against the people of the Province of Katanga which was once part of the Belgian Congo-now Zaire.   The leader of Katanga was Dr. Moise Tshombe.  He was a pro-Western, anti-communist, Christian who had the support of the people of his fledgling nation.  Sam Blumenfeld got to befriend that great man and thanks to our archives, we have made their correspondence available on line.  Here is the link from the archive:

In 1964, Sam conducted an interview of Dr. Tshombe while he was in exilce in Madrid, Spain:

The atrocities that were committed by the United Nations continue to this day.  This is why we need to Get out of the United Nations.