The Weekly Sam: Libertarians for Life

This letter from 1978 and the pamphlet was in Sam Blumenfeld’s papers.

August 23, 1978


An Open Letter to All Libertarians,

Libertarians for Life recognizes that many libertarians have given their support to abortion for one reason or another. Because of this, some of us have thought it necessary to commit some of our time, money and effort to the pro-life cause, all of which we would rather have been able to devote directly to furthering the general cause of libertarianism and the Libertarian[1]an Party.

We deplore the destructive divisiveness and ad hominem attacks which have in the past caused many people to retire from direct participation in the fight for individual liberty. We believe in the airing of reasonable expressions of disagreement wherever an error is seen, for liberty can triumph only if the philosophical foundation of libertarianism is as well constructed as is humanly possible. To help achieve this end, we have worked to publish this pamphlet. We hope that you will give some of your valuable time to consider what we have to say. We hope you also will consider the importance of revising the Libertarian Party’s platform in order to reflect a respect for human life at all stages of development (without, or course, adding to the unjust powers of the state). At the very least, the elimination of the current pro-abortion language and the drafting of a carefully reasoned and consistent pro-life plank should be included as part of the order of business at the next convention and platform hearings. Life, Liberty and Responsibility,

Doris Gordon
13424 Hathaway Drive
Wheaton, Maryland 20906
(301) 460-41

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