The Weekly Sam: How the Left Created the Neo-Nazi Movement

Sam Blumenfeld wrote a manuscript on how the Left in the United States created the Neo Nazi Movement.  He did this project in the early 1960s, but the book was never published.  During the hight of forced busing in Boston, I observed how the Neo Nazis and Communists came to Boston and worked hard to promote racial termoil.  As Alphonse Karr said “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

This copy below is from the introduction:

This book describes a conspiracy to destroy our country,
and demonstates the kind of men who are drawn into such
conspiracies. It portrays a particular man who spent day in
and day out feverishly working for the destruction of the
American nation. Many American have had experience, at least
during World War II, with the Nazi mentality. But until now, ..
the American Nazi movement, whose purpose it was to disrupt
and destroy conservative American tradition, and to forment
anti-Jewish and racist agitation, has been poorly and improperly
understood. This American Nazi movement was led by George
Lincoln Rockwell, a native, old-stock American.

And here is the link to the manuscript