The Weekly Sam: Help Us Spread the Word About the Sam Blumenfeld Archive

Camp Constitution offers this incredible free on-line resource that is for teachers, homeschoolers, historians, researchers, students and those who like to learn. It consists of the writings and recordings of my late friend Sam Blumenfeld. Sam was a pioneer in the homeschool and private school movement and one of the first persons to realize that the reading problem in the United States was done on purpose. He coined the term “menticide” to describe the deliberate dumbing-down of America.

This resource contains most of Sam’s books in PDF format including “The NEA: Trojan Horse in American Education” and a manuscript of his unpublished book “How the Left Created the Neo Nazi Movement.” It also contains Sam’s “Alpha-Phonics” workbook in PDF and an on-line version with all 128 lessons in either audio or video. In his earlier years, Sam was founded and co-founded organizations like “American Friends of Katanga,” “American Friends of Algeria, and the “Jewish Society of Americanists.” You will find the newsletters, and other documents in the archives unavailable anywhere else.

Please use and share this resource far and wide. Send links to your friends, neighbors, educators. Make a list of local or regional literacy organizations and let them know of the archive. Last year, we received over two million views. Let’s Make America Literate Again.