The Weekly Sam: Germany 1933, America 2008


Something very eerie is happening in America as we appear to be on the verge of a radical political upheaval. Huge numbers of people are mindlessly following a demagogue who promises us “change,” but is not very specific about the kind of change he is planning. He is a young man whose mother hated American culture so much that she married a Kenyan Muslim, who fathered Barack, returned to Kenya, became a bureaucrat and was killed in a car accident. His mother then married an Indonesian Muslim and they went to live in Indonesia. This young politician, only in his forties, has, with charisma and oratorical bombast, hypnotized multitudes with his promises. In 1933, most Germans voted for a demagogue who promised “change” and seemed to be the answer to their economic and national problems.

He blamed Germany’s ills on the Jews but didn’t say how he would get rid of them. But what they did get from their new leader was religious persecution, a horrendous world war, and destruction. None of those voters in 1933 could have foreseen what they would get only six years later. The young followers of Barack Obama have been well-indoctrinated by our public schools to accept slogans rather than actual substance. They know little history, little geography, and a good portion of them are not book readers. In fact, the National Endowment for the Arts recently issued a report on the precipitous decline in literary reading among young Americans. They respond to Obama because he appeals to their emotions rather than their intellects, which they sorely lack. Of this new generation of non-readers, the Endowment Chairman, Dana Goia, stated: “This is a massive social problem.

We are losing the majority of the new generation. They will not achieve anything close to their potential because of poor reading.” And so we find high emotion running through the crowds that seem to be viewing Barack Obama as some sort of Savior. He will chase the “special interests” out of the Congressional temple. He will bring all of us together. He will end the war in Iraq. Meanwhile, the country is lurching toward recession. But these impressionable and innocent followers are told that they are important and can make a difference by simply voting for the most seductive young demagogue to come down the pike. That he is the most liberal Senator in Congress doesn’t seem to resonate. That he belongs to a liberal Christian church in Chicago that is sympathetic toward Louis Farrakhan, doesn’t bother them. And so, why question him about his religion or his views on Islam? Yes, he did attend an Islamic school as a child while living with his mother and step-father in Indonesia. But so what. Back in Germany in 1933, when the demagogue was elected, the Jews assumed that the good German people would soon get rid of this hateful soul and his followers. They had been so successfully integrated in German cultural and economic life, that it seemed incredible they would be subject to literal extermination. We need not reiterate what that demagogue did until he was brought down by the most powerful armies ever assembled in world history. Of course, America in 2008 is nothing like Germany in 1933. The only similarity is the deep political crisis, a restless, semi-hysterical electorate not knowing what it wants, and the inability to predict what the new leader will do when in the White House. Will there be persecution of Christians? If the new regime passes a hate-crimes bill, which Bush threatened to veto, it will be a crime for a minister to quote the Bible on a number of well known “intolerant” passages. Christians will be required to accept gay marriage and the gay agenda in the public schools. As for future Supreme Court judges, we are likely to get nominees as left-wing as the new President. As for our military security, what kind of Commander-in-Chief will either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton make? Both of them believe in defeat. The word victory will be stricken from our military’s vocabulary. The uncertainty about the future is what is making this election so volcanic. Does John McCain have what it will take to stop the demagogue? Will conservatives vote for him?