The Weekly Sam: A Testimonial for “Alpha-Phonics” from South Africa


The Sam Blumenfeld Archives is being used by thousands of people in the United States and the world.  Last Saturday March 7,  Camp Constitution hosted an all day seminar at the Grace Bible Church in Wappingers Falls, New York.  One of the presenters, Shiona Van Wyk, Skyped in from  Johannesburg, South Africa to give her testimonial.    Last year, Shiona found the archives on-line and successfully used Sam’s Alpha-Phonics to her special needs class.  The students or learners did not make any progress in two years, but after two weeks of using Alpha-Phonics, 15 of the 17 students became good readers.  She has set-up a Facebook page and plans to set-up literacy centers around the country.   Please watch her testimonial :


A link to the archives: