The Weekly Sam: A School Named After Sam Being Planned in Zimbabwe


A few years ago, Mr. Godknows Matizirofa reached out to Camp Constitution asking if we would donate some Alpha-Phonics to his Nottingham School which he founded and directs in Harare, Zimbabwe    We were more than happy to make the donation and have sent several cases since.  We wanted some pictures and perhaps a video of the students being instructed with Alpha-Phonics which Mr. Matizirofa provided.  He first discovered Alpha-Phonics by going on-line and finding our Sam Blumenfeld Archives:

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Matizirofa on our Catching Fire News Network:


A few days ago, Mr.  Matizirofa  send me this message:

How are you Hal? Thanks for the attachment. I have also send you this pic showing how we have decided to recognize the late Dr Sam ‘s paramount work through the establishment of a big college named after him. God helping us, we will invite you, your family and friends to the official opening of the school. I have managed to find eight hectares of land for the massive project, which I intend to build classrooms, sporting facilities, agricultural projects and hostels. The only obstacle is of ill health as I am battling kidney infection. Include me in your prayers.  The Blumenfeld College is the name of the school and we have already sent it to the responsible Ministry.
 Mr. Matizirofa describes his school and Camp Constitution’s relationship:
  Nottingham School’s incredible work in educating the young minds finds full support and recognition across the globe. Our American friends are happy with our incredible work. We are grateful to them for the generous gift of reading books they extended to us, not once but many times. The community we are operating in is benefitting a lot from the good works of the late, Dr Sam Blumenfeld. We also would like to thank Mr. Hal Shurtleff,

and all members of the Camp Constitution in the US. God bless you. We love you.

Nottingham School  is an English-speaking environment. We educate the young minds using unique pedagogy, the Blumenfeld approach to the teaching of phonic sounds. We are the Pioneers of this unique pedagogy which has buried the Look and say method and word picture matching. We boast of a top notch of teaching staff. No learner is left behind, but they are all assisted to reach their full potential through persistent endeavor. Enrollment for form 1s to 3 and ECD A to Grade 6 is on.

  Godknows Matizirofa

Sam Blumenfeld was a pioneer in the modern home-school movement.  He was one of the first persons to conclude that children were being deliberately dumbed-down in America’s government schools and spent most of his life warning parents to get their children out of government schools.  He passed away on June 1. 2015. He willed a good portion of his work to Camp Constitution which led to the creation of the Blumenfeld Archives   We pledged to Sam on his deathbed that we at Camp Constitution would ensure that his rich legacy will live on, and influence those not yet born.  Please visit, join and share this amazing archive which has led to stories like Godknows Matizirofa