Standing Up To Goliath: An Interview with Rebecca Friedrichs

Several weeks ago, I was watching the Tamara Scott Show which airs on Frank Speech with her guest Rebecca Friedrichs.  Rebecca sounded like my late friend Sam Blumenfeld.   Tamara gave me her contact info and last week, I had the opportunity to interview her.

This is her bio from her website

Rebecca Friedrichs, a twenty-eight-year public school teacher, was forced to fund state and national teachers’ unions whose politics and divisive tactics degraded her profession, our schools, and our national character. Her lawsuit, Friedrichs v California Teachers’ Association, which sought to free teachers from forced unionism, was argued before the U.S. Supreme Court in 2016, and blazed the trail for ending forced unionism for teachers and all government employees. Rebecca continues the fight to stop so-called teachers’ unions from destroying our schools and American values. She authored Standing Up to Goliath, an expose of bully unions told through dozens of powerful personal accounts. She’s a Prager University host and founded For Kids and Country a national movement of citizens uniting to restore our schools and culture.

A link to our interview;

And a link to an audio version: