The Seeds of Genocide: Ideas Have Consequences by Maria Perez

The Seeds of Genocide: Ideas Have Consequences

This essay is an overview of the book The Law of Blood: Thinking and Acting as a Nazi by Johanne Chapoutot. The book outlines the thinking and acting prevalent in Nazi Germany during the 30s and early 40s, which is eerily similar to the thinking and acting the progressive left engages in. Ideas have consequences; good ideas produce positive consequences, and bad ideas have horrific consequences.


This essay will compare our cultures and societies and demonstrate how we are planting the seeds for a future genocide. We are in the middle of a cultural Revolutionary civil war; the progressive left wants to destroy our way of life, destroy our foundations, and rewrite our ethics and values, much like the Nazis who implemented their revolution/movement to change their nation, their society, and their culture. The cosmic battle is between two opposing world views: one that believes in a creator who is actively involved in the affairs of man and that fosters civility and a world view that elicits barbarism/destruction and the tearing down of society toward anarchy.

The ideas that permeated during the Nazi regime began earlier when the Germans started cleansing libraries of Jewish life five years before they forced the Jewish people to wear the yellow star. “They aimed to unshackle themselves from the norm imposed by Judeo-Christian acculturation, its false God, its imperative of monogamy, its blessing of the mixing of all blood of their creator.”

In this essay, we will compare the many policies and institutional changes implemented in Nazi Germany and see how many of those similar policies and ideas are being executed today. We cannot sit back and ignore this revolution. We must fight back before our nation follows the trajectory of Nazi Germany and fosters a future genocide here in our homeland.

Most recent current events in the Middle East and our homeland have precipitated this urgency and the stark reality that there are evil forces who want to destroy our country.

This essay will examine some of the laws implemented during the Nazi Regime,  the return to their pagan religion, will draw comparisons of the Deep Police State then and now, the Development in Family Government Policies then and now, Propaganda Media then and now, How the Treaty of Versailles fostered a mentality of the oppressors against the oppressed, How the Church responded then and now, and finally, the Dehumanizing of the enemy then and now.

When examining the laws implemented during the Nazi regime, it is evident that the leaders rejected what they called the “God of the Jews” and reverted to their Nordic pagan religion. They believed that others’ ethics or values did not bind them. As a people, they were so superior that they rejected the eternal laws handed down from the ages and through the millennia. They saw the German Race as the only Moral Race. For example, they first began by rejecting and discrediting the inherited values and traditions of Judeo-Christianity and the Enlightenment. They asserted that once these had been repudiated, it was possible to establish and offer up a new discourse. They saw themselves as much more moral than the Jews and inferred that Christianity perverted everything.

Today’s modern sentiments align with this thinking. Many on the left hate the God of the Jews and Gentiles and want to eradicate our values and belief systems. For example, queer theories challenge traditional ideas about identity, sexuality, and gender. It rejects normative definitions of appropriate feminine and masculine sexual behavior. One researcher, James Lindsay, equates this new Wokeness as a religion and a cult that propagates the Marxist theories of Critical Race and Queer Theories.

Additionally, this thinking led to Germanic Nature worship. The German elite saw themselves as one with nature and began to worship nature and nature’s animals. The first sign of this new Ideology was to provoke anti-Semitic sentiment, which was deployed by an unnuanced campaign against the torture of animals or Ritual Slaughter. This new pagan religion worshiped nature and saw the animals actually as “Little brothers” and gave animals equal respect and protection as people. The PETA organization operates under similar principles: animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way. I am not advocating for cruelty to animals. However, this elevated view of animals is wrong, especially in light of how we treat the unborn in the womb. This new Woke ideology too is based on ancestorial pagan religions of the past. Now people worship climate change, animals, man, sex, and anything and anyone besides the one actual creator God.

Another attribute evident was that the Nordic pagan religion equated the German Race as superior; they were so superior that they did not need the laws of the God of the Jews to govern them individually and as a people. This superiority demonstrates itself with their desire to create a superior race by implementing the practice of eugenics. In 1933 the first law mandated to address this right to be born stipulated that “anyone with a hereditary illness may be rendered sterile by means of surgical intervention if scientific medical experimentations have established a high probability that his descendants will suffer from a hereditary physical or mental disorder.” They created health courts which required the sterilization of individuals identified as “diseased by hereditary” and the removal of “Lives not fit to be lived.” In twelve years, 400,00 people fell victim to this idea that the survival and reproduction of diseased beings were unnatural. The Germans believed that “a being incapable of living would be left by nature to die of hunger. Therefore we can be more humane, and administer death to him without suffering.” Even now, in Canada, anyone can end their lives if they choose, no longer needing a medical diagnosis to be administered deadly medications.

Much of the abortion debate centers on the concept that we should not bring children who would experience suffering into this world and that these babies would be “living lives not fit to be lived.” The Germans justified these procedures by asserting that the state must intervene out of pure humanity in “order to avoid needless suffering on the part of patients and families.” Once again, similar rhetoric is used by the pro-abortion people.

Another example of the similarities under the National Socialist Party is that the state held supreme authority; the state owned everything and everyone, the people, the people’s property, the families, and their children. One example of this principle was the 1933 law entitled “law on inherited farms,” which allowed the state to discharge a farmer if the state felt that they were not operating in the community’s best interest. The owner was now part of the new relationship between the person, the thing (i.e., the farm), and the community. Indeed, we all have heard of the WEF’s newest Mantra, “You will own nothing and be happy.”

Today the New Pagan Religion of the left has stated and communicated that your children are their children. They want to remove the God-given parental rights of parents. We are in a fight to protect our children and to regain parental control of our children.

The Deep Police State Then and Now: Criminal biology became popular in Europe at the end of the 19th century. With medical advances and the first discoveries in the nascent field of genetics, the public, influenced by growing preoccupations with hygiene and biology and the rising popularity of social Darwinism, grew more interested in using science to answer social and criminal questions. Today, we are hearing similar rhetoric about following the science, especially the COVID-19 pandemic justifications for mandates, masking, and forced vaccinations.

To diminish the formation of any political will outside of their own political will, the National Socialism party in Germany developed a secret police that was modern in meeting the needs of their times. In the new Germany, stealing to survive or eat was no longer necessary. Therefore, all remaining criminality and delinquency were due to biological flaws or defects. If in the past some delinquency had been provoked by distressing social conditions, and therefore the context might have softened the police or stayed the judge’s hand, the police were now finding hardened criminals who were incapable of falling back into line and living worthy lives, unable to live at peace with a prosperous community that could easily ensure their livelihood if they choose to work. Article 42 of the law of November 24, 1933, authorized the unlimited detention of anyone the police deemed to be irredeemably dangerous for security reasons. The police could thus act preventively by averting crimes, which was impossible before the law was passed. Anyone who threatened the State and the people was a target. The police could go about protecting the State and using “preventative police detentions,” which are the most effective arms against the enemies of the State. Above all, the measure protected the people and the State against all activities infringing on their safety. They implemented political–police protective measures. In other words, it was at once a political and police measure, delivering defenseless individuals with no recourse to appeal or to arbitration into detention at the entire discretion of the police.

To implement these safety measures and protect the community of the people and the State, such people should be apprehended and removed from the community. It saw the asocial iceberg as an element alien to the community that was generally subtle and made up a category that was much more difficult to discern. These had to be eradicated and removed from society. An alien to the community is anyone who, through his personality, lifestyle, flaws in his understanding, or character, demonstrates his inability to meet the minimum requirements of the community of the people. The measures taken against them were typical of the Nazi arsenal of repressive practices in place since 1933. Mostly, they were police measures and, secondarily, judicial ones. Article 2 provided for measures in regular use since 1937 of police surveillance and incarceration in a police camp.

There are many examples of this phenomenon in our country.

Raids, Harassment, and Intimidation of Dissidents by Police. Recently, the FBI and the Joint Terrorism Task Forces raided multiple homes in the Northwest in search of “anti-government or anarchist Literature.”

The Militarization of Domestic Law Enforcement. To remedy and deal with terrorism on US soil, police forces throughout the country have purchased military equipment, adopted military training, and sought to inculcate a soldier mentality among their ranks (Rizer, Atlantic). Additionally, there has been disproportionate prison sentences for political activist. The January 6 defendants are critical examples of this tyranny. Most recently, the January 6th Commission deprived citizens of viewing all the footage of the January “Insurrection.” Now that the whole footage has been released, it is evident that the January 6th Commission has blood on its hands, notably since four people committed suicide due to imprisonment and FBI threats.

Further, new laws have been adopted for people because of their political beliefs. Hate crime laws and policies primarily, are used against people of opposing political parties. In addition, there has been a creation of special prison units, pervasive use of surveillance, and criminal isolation of ideology. For example, the FBI training documents say that anarchists are criminals seeking an ideology to justify their activities.

Moreover, there are many examples of Big Tech social media surveillance. Examples include:

  • A study exposing Google’s anti-Republican search bias.
  • YouTube is deleting and demonetizing social media personality videos.
  • Censoring X’s community notes.

The Development in Family Government Policies Then and Now: Last in this series of new police measures was the shared responsibility of a family or clan. These laws and policies were invoked more and more frequently from 1943 to 1944. It signaled the final break with the common law of the past and a full embrace of the biological view of the delinquent and criminal. It held family lines responsible for any criminal history. The community’s health was paramount, and anyone deemed unhealthy or a danger to the whole of society had to be removed.

Therefore, these policies were welcomed and appreciated by a large portion of the people, most likely the healthiest ones, as the most effective means of protection for the community of the people and its State. It said this man is a traitor, his blood is bad, it is traitor’s blood, it must be eradicated. And this is how vengeance exterminated the entire family, down to the last of its members.

The law of July 14, 1933, explained that by undertaking this task, criminal law is linked organically to the great fundamental laws of our national Socialist State, those which assure the selection, the purification, and the health of our people. This racial hygienic purge was a commandment dictated by the preservation of our people, in this way, a commandment of justice itself.

With biology in play, past illusions of criminal law evaporated. It was necessary to lock away, castrate, or kill to protect the community of the people from the presence and the reproduction of these rotten elements. Criminal law thus became a criminal biology, as indicated in Article 4 of the draft law on sterilization. Elements alien to the community whose offspring are feared to be undesirable must be sterilized according to procedures and provisions of the law for the prevention of genetically diseased offspring of July 14, 1933. The logic of the laws on euthanasia and pathological heredity was, in this way, mapped into criminal law. The Nazis claimed these hereditary laws based on Robert Ritter’s genetics studies of the descendants of vagabonds, crooks, and thieves published in 1937. They stated that nourishing and supporting these asocial had to cease. They were useless mouths, harmful in their uselessness and their very existence, even calling them Deplorables.

The most recent events from October 7, 2023, have demonstrated the open Jew-hatred and massive pro-Hamas protests around the globe. The Hamas, who are holding some 240 Jews and others hostage in Gaza and killed 1,200 people, have subjected the Gaza Strip to complete hellish tyranny for the last twenty years. We see here not only the call for the destruction of a family but for an entire race and population. This is an example of an ethnic mass murder. It seeks to establish blood guilt for those races, religions, and political affiliations that have been declared sub-human.

By extension, in an attempt to prevent lightly crossbred individuals or alien influence over the course of generations, they advocated for taking children and removing them from their environment, even in cases where they had to kidnap them or steal them. They saw this task as a moral duty and of the utter most important.

Presently, California Bill AB665 allows a child 12 years and older to consent to placement in a residential shelter without any claim of abuse against the parents or a serious risk of harm to himself or others. This bill would place children in the care of the State.

Euthanasia movement today The New York Times showcased an apparent disregard for human life when it chose to legitimize the idea of mass suicide as one “drastic” method to deal with Japan’s aging population.

Filmmaker Ondi Timoner traveled to Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and promoted the film The Last Flight Home. It is a film that hypes the alleged “basic human right” of euthanasia.

Propaganda Media Then and Now: The propaganda of the Reich Commission for the Consolidation of German Nationhood was present everywhere, including newsreels, film, ideological teaching materials, tracts, posters, and meeting agendas. These ideas found their mark and helped to inform the perceptions of civilians, police officers, and troops, giving meaning to their experiences and even their traumas.

The Nazi program was made up of words, images, and ideas that, more often than not, were not invented by the Nazis or even the Germans. This made it especially easy for contemporaries to adopt all or part of it. Western anti-Semitism, colonialist racism, social Darwinism, eugenics, imperialism, fear and hatred of Judeo-Bolshevism, and fear and scorn were all elements in Germany, Western, and Eastern Europe. Hitler admitted to his generals that he sought a propaganda reason to launch the war; “credible or not, it does not matter.”

This propaganda found its way into children’s literature. In 1938, Julius Streicher’s publishing house put out a book called The Poisonous Mushroom, which radicalized Jewish stereotypes for German children. With the help of graphic illustrations, this edifying tale begins with a walk in the forest where little Franz’s mother is teaching him the gentle art of collecting edible fungi. The lesson of this book allows a mother to develop a subtle analogy with humanity’s poisonous mushrooms, which are just as challenging to identify and often indistinguishable despite their radical difference. Identifying the poisonous mushrooms, the mother in the story equates them to the Jewish population and states they are Jews and they will remain Jews; they are poisonous to our people, for a single Jew can destroy an entire village, entire city, and even an entire people. Propaganda movies were released a few years later in which they equated the Jews as demons in human form who were a calamity, but thankfully, the schools taught students to identify them. The propaganda was instituted in a child’s everyday class curriculum. The Ministry of Propaganda expanded on this idea in a widely read pamphlet. The Global Jewish Plague, published in 1939 by Franz Eher, the NSDAP’s publisher, insisted that the Jewish threat was a constant hardship for the world, an unprecedented threat to humanity; fighting it was a moral duty. It was also a public health imperative. Far from a crime, the Nazis saw the final solution as the highest possible expression of natural morality. As harsh or paradoxical as this morality might seem to contemporary generations, it had to be imposed if the Nordic race wished to live.

The Pro-Hamas Palestinian protestors are using the same propaganda, “from the River to the Sea,” to justify the killing of innocent people and the destruction of the Jewish Nation.

There is also blatant anti-American propaganda and critical race theory indoctrination across the country in higher and lower academia. There is a dark agenda to censor and rewrite our history, a practice of all totalitarian regimes. There is a growing liberal anti-religious bias in the judicial and educational systems of the United States. Textbook publishers regularly ignore or purposely omit references to the role of religion and spiritual forces in affecting human events in our history.


How the Treaty of Versailles Fostered a mentality of the oppressors against the oppressed:

In their leadership, the German people saw the Treaty of Versailles disrespecting their freedom to contract and self-determination. Scholarly papers from university professors posited that the 1648 Peace of Westphalia had made the division and the powerlessness of Germany into a basic law of European diplomacy and international order and had fostered the destruction of internal orders such as that of the Reich. The 1648 treaty denationalized and internationalized all sovereign German territories. The understanding was that many profited from this peace treaty in 1648, including the Jewish war profiteers, which laid the groundwork for the power they now held. Franz-Alfred Six, a university professor and lieutenant in the SS, published texts of the Treaty and wanted everyone to be aware of them. He surmised that these circumstances had been characterized by “the powerlessness and the self-mutilation of the Reich” at this historic hour, and presenting the German people with all the articles and paragraphs of this peace treaty was a political necessity.

The scholarly elite of Germany saw the Treaty of Versailles as an attempt to reestablish the circumstances prevailing in 1648. With the demilitarization of the German side of the Rhine and the loss of two security outposts on the Western front, Switzerland and the Netherlands, the Reich was now utterly defenseless against the West.

The Armistice of November 11, 1918, and where it was signed was significant; this is why Hitler wanted to sign the Armistice of June 22, where the earlier armistice was signed.

Retribution had to be exacted on the site of an offense. For this reason, Hitler firmly believed in this idea and ordered the Armistice of June 22, 1940, to be signed in Compiegne wagon, the same railcar in which Marshal Foch had signed the Armistice of November 11, 1918. They believed that treaties should be revised and the elasticity of the law ought to reflect the plasticity of things because the world is not static. They saw the goal of the Versailles Treaty was to exterminate the German people, with the understanding that any violence or any approach was justified to advance the German people and the German nation. For the Germans, one can see how this Treaty significantly contributed to the outbreak of the Second World War.

Likewise, the Marxist, BLM, and Queer Theory ideologues look at America in a similar vein and perceive our history in the same way. The new move for decolonization from the left perceives America and its Western civilization as an oppressor and one in which the oppressed must be released. This rationale justifies all their violence and destruction against our institutions and our way of life.


How the Church Responded Then and Now: Furthermore, even the churches in Germany were on board with the Nazi’s agenda. The mission of German Theology and the German church during this period was to de-Judaize the religious life of churchgoers. Today we have numerous churches going along with this new pagan Marxist Ideology and bringing it onto the churches through the dogma of social justice, white guilt, and the love is love agenda. The Nazi party held their meetings on Sunday mornings. Therefore, many Germans stopped attending church and became part of this new religious movement, believing this new dogma.

In an attempt to colonize the European East, the Nazi party had to control the peoples they were conquering. One way was to control the churches and what they preached. Hitler, like Himmler, wished to rid Germany and the Germans of the Christian plague. Still, he believed the Polish priests, like missionaries in overseas colonies, might turn out to be foolish servants of the German denomination. It is completely justified for the Polish people to preserve their Catholicism. “We will pay the priest, and in return, they will preach what we ask them to. The priests are to maintain the Poles in a state of stupidity and foolishness because it is in our interest for them to do so. If the Poles were lifted to a higher level of intelligence, they would no longer be the workforce we need.”

The American Church has adopted this response to our current cultural revolution to destroy our Western civilization. For example, many churches abided by the mandate to shut down and were given COVID-19 funds as a reward. Currently, there are many pastors in American churches who have been silent about the atrocities that have been perpetrated against the Jewish people in Israel. They have not joined their voices in speaking out against this barbarism. Sadly, many have decided to sit out the battle or have cavorted with the enemy. They use terms like “Zionist” and “neocon” and talk about forever wars,” what they mean is let them kill the Jews.

The Dehumanizing of the Enemy Then and Now: In another attempt to colonize Eastern Europe, the first thing they did was to exterminate the Polish elite. This was the mission of the SS and German police, who murdered 60,000 people in Poland in just over a month. Poles were also deprived of access to intellectual and cultural development. Deprived of education and culture, the Poles were also stripped of their rights. They vowed to solve and eradicate the problem of the Polish minority once and for all.

In recent days, we have heard of similar rhetoric coming from former Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, stating that all MAGA supporters should be re-educated by formal deprogramming. In her 2016 presidential campaign, she said, “Deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs, and structural biases have to be changed.”

For example, the December 16, 1942, decree was the first to include women and children as targets explicitly. In this struggle, therefore, troops have the right and the duty to resort to any expedient, with no restrictions, including against women and children, so long as they lead to success in the identification and destruction of the enemies in the Resistance. Hitler added any consideration extended to partisans of any kind was a war crime against the German people and against the soldiers on the front, who must suffer the consequences of attacks carried out by gangs and could never understand why they would be spared; they or their sidekicks. Burning a village and murdering its inhabitants were not crimes. Instead, they were part of a military police operation that made it possible to stamp out a pocket of partisans and served as a dissuasive measure against local populations to bring relief to German troops. Massacring a group of defenseless civilians with no provocation or justification was not a crime. Hesitating to do so, however, was. The blood of the Partisans and the terrorists was contaminated and, therefore, guilty. It had to be eradicated on biological principles.

The Germans especially saw the Slavic/Asiatic population as subhuman, fundamentally twisted, and a dangerous enemy. They were even advocating that the entire population should be evacuated, and all inhabitants be burned or destroyed. Himmler himself proposed the harshest and most radical solution; “exterminating the Jews and all they possess, down to their children. He stated this is a logical solution, even if it is violent. “We must take it upon ourselves to resolve this problem in our time. Future generations will likely not deal with the problem with the same passion and courage as we have.”

Naziism was a worldview that was, first of all, a vision of history, a singular narrative that constantly, everywhere, in each instant and every possible form, recounted the race’s past in its every gesture, trial, glory, and fortune. Their story, as it was incessantly told, was a normative one that gave rise to a norm in which people were told how to act and why.

At the beginning of this narrative, we discussed the influence of ideas. Many of the ideas discussed in this essay were neither unheard of nor particularly original; it was, therefore, all the easier to penetrate a social space in which they were, to a degree, already present in 1930. The authors of the literature and the scientific community, especially doctors, were convinced of what they were saying. We explicitly see this since in 1964; they still repeated those wildly held beliefs and ideas.

Some of the conditions that made it possible for the implementation of the most radical and violent methods ever imagined in the West were for the stated purpose of ensuring people’s safety and security. Concepts such as the war against criminals, preventative detention, or colonization were also promoted and practiced outside of Germany. This justified their actions. These ideas were advanced by biomedical anti-Semitism, which set out the conditions through which such acts could become possible, thinkable, and desirable, especially in the context of the autumn of 1941. The brutality of the ghettoization of the Jews in Poland and then elsewhere in the territories under the General Government’s control gave rise to a public health situation so catastrophic that, as Paul Weindling showed, murder came to be justified as a public health measure and deployed as a medical procedure.

Even now, global elites aim to transform America and realize the New World Order. These individuals have a multifaceted agenda to depopulate, increase mass migration, de-Christianize the West, end national sovereignty and autonomy, radical reduction of privacy, transform the natural free-market system into a contrived stakeholder system imposing centralized political control based on environmental, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and subjective governance variables- a kind of socialism through the back door. Numerous characters are pushing this agenda. These include the CCP, the United Nations World Health Organization run by Mr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, the world economic forum whose founder, Klaus Schwab, has recruited and organized many high-ranking government officials, like Prime Ministers from France, Germany, Holland, Spain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The World Economic Forum also has a market capitalization of top corporate leaders, such as Apple, Amazon, Comcast, Google, Microsoft, Meta, Pfizer, Black Rock founder and CEO Larry Fink, and many in the American Government.

In conclusion, we are in a fight for the life of our nation. There is a woke agenda that is trying to destroy the American people’s connection to their heritage by anti-American indoctrination in schools and tearing down and defacing our historical monuments and statues, destroying the First Amendment through blacklisting, the cancel culture, and mass censorship; politicizing the judiciary and destroying the separation of powers. Foundational institutions of American society– the family, educational institutions, manners and civility, respect for law and order, and merit-based outcomes are under attack. What will you do to join the Resistance?