The Declaration of Independence: A Presentation by Richard Howell

Most Americans celebrate Independence Day or the Fourth of July, but thanks in part to our nation’s government schools, many of them know little if anything about our Declaration of Independence and would have trouble naming more than a one or two, if any of its signers. We often hear” Have a Happy 4th” from folks bedecked in red white and blue outfits as if we are celebrating a summer day set aside to have barbecues, go to the beach, and set off fireworks. While there is nothing wrong with a day at the beach, a good barbecue and a fireworks display, it is tragic that to some Americans that’s what the “4th of July” is about. However, Camp Constitution attendees, young and old, come away with a keen appreciation of the Declaration of Independence and the signers of the Declaration who risked their lives, fortunes and sacred honor.

Our 2017 family camp was held during Independence Day. We celebrated the birth of our great nation with a parade by our Junior Campers, fireworks down by the Lake, special entertainment by Mr. Belanger who dressed up as Uncle Sam, a class entitled “The Lives of Some of the Signers” by Mrs. Catherine White, the reading of the Declaration of Independence by Mr. Richard Howell and this excellent class which we hope readers of this blog will share far and wide: