The Constitutional Minute #4 What a Concept!


Let’s have a short conversation about our understanding of the heart and soul of our Constitution as intended by the founders. It’s the concept of “Enumerated Powers”. Simply put it means if a power is not specifically given to the government in the Constitution, then it does not exist. So, what’s not written is equally important because everything not written fall to the States or the People, ……NOT to any branch of the federal government!

Congress is not authorized to pass ANY law on ANY subject just because a majority in Congress thinks the law is a good idea!  Nor are they authorized to delegate that authority to another branch (like the Executive Branch) because the Constitution does not say they can. This is the essence of “enumerated” powers.

Instead, the areas in which Congress is authorized to act are strictly limited and defined (“enumerated”), mostly in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution.

Thus, Congress has NO LAWFUL AUTHORITY to bail out financial institutions, businesses, and homeowners who don’t pay their mortgages; NO LAWFUL AUTHORITY to take control of our health care; NO LAWFUL AUTHORITY to violate your personal privacy and  search you at airports; NO LAWFUL AUTHORITY to take away your IRA’s and other retirement accounts, NO LAWFUL AUTHORITY to take your guns, NO LAWFUL AUTHORITY to pass laws respecting energy consumption or “emissions”, education, housing, minimum wage, etc., etc., etc.

Therefore, all laws which Congress has made on such topics are unconstitutional as outside the scope of the legislative powers WE delegated to Congress in OUR Constitution.

WE THE PEOPLE did not give such powers to Congress when we ordained and established the Constitution, created the Congress, and listed its 22 enumerated powers over the Country at large. And WE did not delegate those powers to Congress in any of the Amendments.

You ask, “How can Congress make all these laws if they are unconstitutional?”

Congress gets away with it because WE are ignorant of what our Constitution says; and WE have been indoctrinated into believing that Congress can do whatever they want!

Bob Hilliard