The Christian Flag Project

Mr. Scott Newman of the Christian Flag project contacted us after learning of our Christian flag raising in Boston last week.  He told us of his and his organization’s goal to get one million Christian flags raised around the United Stated by September 26.

 Here is the interview we did with Scott on Catching Fire News:

From the Christian Flag Project’s website:

Join Us

The Christian Flag Project was formed to have at least 1 million flags flying by Sept 26th by Christians across America on their homes and businesses. We passionately move towards this goal with each flag hoisted bravely in our communities.

Join in our passionate mission to achieve our 1 million+ Christian flags flying together boldly as Brothers and Sisters in Christ. It’s easy to join in the movement without leaving your home.

How To Participate

1) Plant a flag in your community by flying your Christian Flag on your home or business

2) Post your Christian Flag flying on social with #ChristianFlagProject so we can add your community to our map

3) If you don’t have a Christian Flag, order the Official Flag Project Flag .


Spreading awareness of the Christian Flag by Celebrating its beginning

The story goes that the Christian flag dates back to an impromptu speech given by a Charles C. Overton, a Sunday school administrator at Brighton Chapel in Brooklyn, New York, on September 26, 1897. Since the guest speaker didn’t show, Overton had to step in.

While noticing the American flag near the podium, he starting talking about flags and their symbolism. The concept was born when Overton proposed that Christians should have their own flag, and it continued to stay on his mind for years to come after the speech. 

Eventuallly, in 1907, Overton teamed up with Ralph Diffendorfer, an officer with the Methodist Missionary Movement, to help in creating the flag.

It’s interesting to note that the colors on the flag match those on the American flag. White represents purity and peace, blue indicates fidelity, and red stands for Christ’s blood sacrifice.

The Christian flag is regularly displayed outside of buildings, churches, and in classrooms, but few realize its important history and significance dating back over a century.