Taking on the “Woke” and Winning at a Left-Wing Law School

We met Lauren while she was a student Suffolk University in Boston.  We-Rev Steve and Edith Craft and I were giving some friends a tour of Boston in September of 2020 when Lauren was jogging through the Boston Public Garden.  Edith spotted Lauren in her MAGA hat, and a conversation developed.  We were very impressed by Lauren and invited her to speak at our monthly luncheon (see video below).

Lauren explains in an episode of “The Camp Constitution Report” how a “transgender” student who took strong exception to her conservative values and a leftist professor collaborated to get her expelled from the school.  She refused to apologize for things she didn’t do, faced a school tribunal of five left-wing professors and won a 5-0 decision.

Law School; Now Only for the “Woke”


This is Lauren’s presentation at Camp Constitution’s monthly luncheon November of 2020: