Stop the Con-Con-Save the Constitution

As expected, supporters of a federal Constitutional Convention aren’t wasting time.  New Hampshire State Representative Ken Weyler introduced 2011-H-0170-R, a resolution calling for a federal Constitutional Convention.  New Hampshire formally withdrew all of its past calls for a Con-Con in May.  Mr. Weyler has been convinced that wording in the resolution limits the delegates to a single item: proposing a balanced budget amendment.  But as we discussed at last summer’s class on the subject, it cannot be limited.  A number of New hampshire legislators have requested that Weyler withdraw his resolution.  This is one of many that we expect to see around the country thanks to groups like ALEC-American Legislative Exchange Counsel, and  Whatever merits these organizations have, they are wrong on this issue.

Camp Constitution has plenty of resources available to fight any new calls and get states to withdraw their existing calls.  We have made available as PDFs, several important articles including “”The Bi-Centennial Plot,” “Silent Crisis,” Keeping Faith with America,” “Dangers of a Con-Con, and a copy of a model resolution to withdraw all calls for a Con-Con.  We have also posted videos including a video of our class at this summer’s camp on Youtube, Vimeo, and Daily Motion.  Please make use of these tools.   Readers of this blog are encouraged to participate in the campaign to save our U.S. Constitution by blocking the Con-Con.  Join the Facebook page Stop the Constitutional Convention on contact us and we can put you in touch with activists in your area.