Semi-fascism versus full-fascism by Paul Driessen


Republicans may go half-way, but Biden, Democrats, Deep State go all-out to control our lives

President Biden claims millions of Republican voters have embraced “semi-fascism.” They “threaten not just our personal rights and economic security, but our very democracy, the very foundation of our republic,” in a “battle for the soul of our nation.”

This is hardly the “moderate” way to “unite” America. But Mr. Biden isn’t alone. Democratic National Committee Chairman Jaime Harrison says the Republican Party has “become a party of fascism and fear.” Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) rants that Republican “fascists” are trying “to overthrow the government.” Their media allies echo and amplify the accusations.

Do they know what “fascism” means? Have they looked in a mirror, or at their own history and agenda?

Merriam-Webster defines fascism as “centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.”

A more complete definition: An extreme, intolerant system under which an authoritarian government doesn’t own businesses outright but dictates to or colludes with them to redistribute wealth and property, control access to information, and determine what companies and people can make, do, sell and say – employing laws, intimidation, police powers and violence to advance their agenda.

That certainly seems to describe the current White House, Executive Branch, Democrat Congress, and woke corporations and media. It recalls the old saw that Republicans want to control what you do in your bedroom, but Democrats want to control everything you do outside your bedroom.

Examples are too voluminous to list. But few actions in American history epitomize police state autocracy better than armed FBI agents raiding President 45 Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home. The message is unmistakable: If we can do this to a former president, imagine what we can do to you little people if you protest at the US Capitol or school board meetings, question Democrat election victories, or even support organizations on our Disapproved list. Be very careful what you say or do.
New Jersey mom learned that recently when armed FBI agents showed up at her home, after someone anonymously and falsely said she was at the Capitol on January 6. And you thought Lois Lerner and the IRS had weaponized government agencies.

Almost as shocking, all this and the House Jan 6 Star Chamber proceedings followed years of black-shirted Antifa thugs burning, looting and bludgeoning their way through cities, to voice their displeasure over the 2016 presidential election, police brutality and other grievances. Few were ever arrested, much less prosecuted, and many were bailed out by sympathizers like then-Senator Kamala Harris.

Thought control comes through what is taught in our schools, kindergarten through graduate and law school, and via censorship, in blatant violation of our First Amendment rights. Schools trumpet diversity in all arenas, except political parties, beliefs and speech, where diversity is simply not tolerated.

A lawsuit by Louisiana and Missouri Attorneys General and the New Civil Liberties Alliance has unearthed Facebook, Twitter, Meta and YouTube emails revealing that at least 32 federal officials in multiple federal agencies secretly colluded with the social media giants on ways to “moderate” content on their platforms, by illegally and systematically suppressing “misinformation,” unapproved thinking and inconvenient evidence about Covid, vaccinations, ivermectin, climate change and other key issues.

Chief Medical Advisor Anthony Fauci and former Press Secretary Jen Psaki have been deeply involved in this blatant censorship. So have many other top officials at the White House, HHS, FDA, CDC, Census Bureau, State and Treasury Departments, and other agencies, including the FBI, the lawsuit states.

Bloomberg News and other media have worked behind the scenes with House of Representatives Democrats in advance of hearings intended to help federal officials and Facebook “fact check,” intimidate and cancel experts who question claims that climate change poses an “existential threat” to humanity and planet. News and social media organizations have also assisted House Democrats with inquisitions into oil companies’ alleged failure to “live up to” their climate pledges by slashing oil production, while simultaneously failing to increase oil production to reduce Biden-policy-driven gasoline prices.

Free speech, access to all relevant information, and open, robust debate are the foundation of democracy, wise public policies, and our ability to make informed decisions about our health, welfare and voting options. But this collusion and censorship are destroying these principles. These actions should be punishable by fines, firings, prison terms and lost benefits for all government conspirators.

Facebook even blocked House Republican criticism of President Biden’s student loan forgiveness scheme. Their comment “If you take out a loan, you pay it back. Period” was banned by algorithms and multiple human managers as a “violation of community standards” – before it was finally allowed.

In the name of averting an “imminent manmade climate crisis,” the Biden Administration is deliberately locking this nation’s abundant, reliable, affordable fossil fuel energy in the ground. As those actions send prices ever higher, non-ruling classes are told, Set your thermostats to a comfortable, planet-friendly 80 degrees F in summer, and 65 degrees in winter.

Drive no more than 5,000 miles a year. Vacation no more than once every three years. Ditch your gasoline-fueled car, but don’t charge your $60,000 electric vehicle, because you might cause a blackout on grids increasingly reliant on weather-dependent wind and solar power.

This is not just a dictatorial erosion of our personal rights and living standards. People die from health conditions they would otherwise survive, amid freezing winters when they can’t heat their homes properly, and during summer heat waves when they can’t cool their homes sufficiently. Indeed, the death toll just from government COVID actions, inactions and censorship is staggeringly high.

To impose more of their extreme agendas, Deep State bureaucrats are again engaging in collusive sue-and-settle lawsuits. Government agencies invite “progressive” groups to sue them in friendly courts, in pretend-disagreements over regulations that all parties want implemented. They then “settle” their “disputes” – and the rules become binding. Third parties impacted by the decisions never get to contest the collusion, present evidence, or even be notified that a lawsuit has been filed, until it’s too late. It’s the Obama years on steroids. Meanwhile:

Jane’s Revenge and other criminals have picked up where Antifa left off. They’ve fire-bombed 50+ pregnancy counseling centers, howled outside Supreme Court justices’ homes, and attempted to assassinate Justice Kavanaugh, emulating a Bernie Sanders volunteer who tried to murder multiple Republican congressmen at a 2017 baseball practice.

With help from drug cartels, illegal immigrants keep pouring across America’s wide-open southern borders. When 50 were flown from Florida to wealthy Martha’s Vineyard, locals shipped them off to a military base the very next day. Many wondered why Vineyard residents, celebrities and other Democrats couldn’t open their sanctuary city hearts, homes and wallets – rather than just their mouths.

Amid all this, instead of bringing real miscreants to justice, the FBI obsesses with finding “white supremacist terrorism threats” at school board meetings and maybe under beds. “The demand for White supremacy vastly outstrips the supply,” quipped a still non-politicized agent.

And don’t forget, this Democrat Party was also the party of the Confederacy, KKK, literacy tests, barred schoolhouse doors and lynchings. You could call it a prior personification of fascism – and transference, the psychopathological term for attributing your own bad actions and motives to others.

All this may not amount to full-fascism, but it’s getting perilously close, and already it’s far worse than semi. Is this the path you want for America? If not, support your candidates financially now, if you can – and make your voice heard loud and clear before or on November 8.

The stakes are incredibly high – on these matters, court packing, abolishing the filibuster, and much more.

Paul Driessen is senior policy advisor for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow ( and author of books and articles on energy, environmental and human rights issues

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