Proof of the Illuminati

On May 1, 1776, Adam Weishaupt founded the Illuminati in Bavaria.  In 1784, writing of the Illuminati were intercepted in Bavaria, the organization was banned ,and Weishaupt fled Bavaria.  Two books, Proofs of a Conspiracy by Professor John Robinson and Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism  by Abbe   were published in the mi to late 1790s.  In 1802, Reverend Seth Payson of Rindge, NH wrote Proof of the Illuminati and exposing the Illuminati was part of in Rev. Payson’s State Senate successful campaign.

Camp Constitution Press put it back in print.  Here is the foreword to the book:

This work, Proof of the Illuminati, was first published in 1802 under the longer title Proofs of
the Real Existence, and Dangerous Tendency, of Illuminism. It was printed in Charlestown,
Massachusetts by Samuel Etheridge for the author, Seth Payson. Reverend Seth Payson, D. D.
was born in 1758 and died in 1820. He, like his father, Rev. Phillips Payson, and several of his
brothers, became a Congregational preacher. After graduating from Harvard, he was appointed.
as the minister of the Congregational church in Rindge, New Hampshire in 1782, and held this
post for the rest of his life. At least one of his sons also followed him into the ministry. Payson
was very active in establishing new churches for communities in northern New England,
including the church in Coventry, Vermont. He was the author of numerous sermons, several of
which were published and had a modest distribution. Additionally, Payson helped educate and
provide for Sophia Sawyer, a woman who would later become famous for establishing the
Fayetteville Female Academy. Rev. Payson served in the New Hampshire State senate from
1802-1805. He was a staunch Federalist supporter. Along with its alarming message regarding.
both religion and state, Proof of the Illuminati was also a part of Payson’s campaign platform.

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