Republics and Democracies


by Robert Welch (author)

Camp Constitution Press’s first offering is the essay “Republics and Democracies” by Robert Welch. This 15-page reprint, in an attractive four-color in front and back cover, was a speech originally delivered at the Constitution Day Luncheon of We, The People in Chicago on September 17, 1961.

In this reprint, Mr. Welch quotes the Founding Fathers who warned us against democracy. Mr. Welch quotes from the 1928 U.S. Army Manual which labeled democracy as “mobocracy,” but in 1952 the U.S. Army in its “Soldiers Guide” now defined the U.S. as a democracy. How did this happen?  Mr. Welch answers the question in his essay. Why do so many Americans believe that the U.S. is a democracy? The word “democracy” is not in the U.S. Constitution or in any state constitution.

This is an indispensable item and belongs in the files or libraries of all Freedom activists, and on the information tables of every Freedom organization.

Saddle Stitched: 16 pages
Publisher: Camp Constitution Press (2010)
Language: English
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