One World by Tal Brooke


Book is new but has been in storage and has some yellowing on the edges.

We are in a time of worldwide transformation. A New World Order could arrive almost overnight and be unlike anything the world has ever seen, affecting every life on the planet. Yet unlike the utopian future of universal brotherhood that we are all being primed to expect by today’s power players, something far darker is beginning to emerge. Indeed, America has had a rapid descent. Its virtues and values of yesteryear and the public memory of once great liberties and freedoms, have been all erased like some vast hard drive. Now the anticipated signs of a techno-tyranny are beginning to emerge in America, Britain and Europe. ONE WORLD uncovers the deep and often hidden forces behind the sweeping changes taking place. It suggests that certain critical turns in history have remained unknown by the public. That in today’s monopolized information gateway there are patterns being kept from public view; that this radical transition requires a docile and trusting public—a public that is willing to accept the popular reasons America and other nations have been pushed into a national debt equal to their net worth; why freedoms are being replaced with oppressive laws and police-state surveillance; why the family continues to disintegrate; why male and female roles blur; and why Christianity and traditional values continue to disappear only to be replaced by another system. The financial, military, political and spiritual arms of this powerful agenda have an interlocking purpose that gives the plan almost irresistible power. Though the Leviathan of world government cannot break through as long as America and the free world stand in its way, mindful of their former prowess and virtue—time is running out! The Western world is fighting for its soul. Be assured that it will take your breath away when you suddenly recognize the pattern laid out in this book.