Pre-Publication Announcement—Dr. Edwin Vieira Jr.’s New Forthcoming Book—The Sword and Sovereignty: The Constitutional Principles of “the Militia of the several States”

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From: Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr.


“Solicitation of Interest for my new militia book

After many years of effort, my magnum opus on the Militia, entitled The Sword and Sovereignty: The Constitutional Principles of “the Militia of the several States”, has reached the final pre-publication stage. This book is a comprehensive study—over 2,000 pages in length, with more than 6,000 footnotes and endnotes—of the constitutional and statutory history of the Militia, with special emphasis on the role of the Militia as the ultimate institutions through which We the People provide, or withhold, “the consent of the governed”.

The book derives the basic principles of the Militia from a detailed study of the pre-constitutional Militia statutes of Rhode Island and Virginia (selected, for reasons the book makes clear, as exemplars of what happened throughout America in that era). It explains how these principles are embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and how they should be applied in the operation of America’s true federal system of government—indeed, why it is every American’s duty to participate in the Militia, more imperative now than ever before. It exposes the dangerous fallacy in the contemporary “individual-rights” misinterpretation of the Second Amendment, and why the Heller decision reduced Americans’ “gun rights” to a level far below what their forebears enjoyed when the Constitution and Bill of Rights were ratified. And it examines ways in which revitalized “Militia of the several States” could, and should, deal with many of the most pressing contemporary problems this country faces—such as the supervision of rogue public officials and “the military-industrial complex”; the conduct of honest elections; the provision of an alternative currency in anticipation of the collapse of the Federal Reserve System; and the preservation of State autonomy against an ever-encroaching national para-military police-state apparatus.

I anticipate that the book—produced in a first-class hardbound edition by one of the premier printers in America—will sell at retail for somewhere in the neighborhood of $160 to $180. At this point, I need to determine whether a sufficient demand exists, so that plans for printing can be finalized. To that end, I am soliciting “statements of interest”, as it were, from prospective buyers, as follows:

1. Please send me a letter, addressed to

Edwin Vieira, Jr.
52 Stonegate Court
Front Royal, Virginia 22630

stating that you would be interested in purchasing the book when it has been printed. Please, send NO money at this time. This is not a commitment to buy the book, only a “statement of interest”.

2. Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope. I shall use it to send you a notice of the outcome of this solicitation. If enough “statements of interest” are received, the notice will include the details of publication, and a request for you to send a check or money order to secure a copy of the book. If at that time enough individuals respond with payments, the book will be printed. If not enough respond, everyone’s check will be returned.

3. On the chance that enough “statements of interest” are not forthcoming, you might want to include a second stamped, self-addressed envelope. I shall use that to inform you of any fall-back “Plan B” that may need to be followed.

This solicitation will be open for sixty (60) days from the date of its initial publication at NewsWithViews.

Thanks for your interest. I should appreciate having this notice circulated by as many people as care to do so.”

Edwin Vieira, Jr., holds four degrees from Harvard: A.B. (Harvard College), A.M. and Ph.D. (Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences), and J.D. (Harvard Law School).

For more than thirty years he has practiced law, with emphasis on constitutional issues. In the Supreme Court of the United States he successfully argued or briefed the cases leading to the landmark decisions Abood v. Detroit Board of Education, Chicago Teachers Union v. Hudson, and Communications Workers of America v. Beck, which established constitutional and statutory limitations on the uses to which labor unions, in both the private and the public sectors, may apply fees extracted from nonunion workers as a condition of their employment.

He has written numerous monographs and articles in scholarly journals, and lectured throughout the county. His most recent work on money and banking is the two-volume Pieces of Eight: The Monetary Powers and Disabilities of the United States Constitution (2002), the most comprehensive study in existence of American monetary law and history viewed from a constitutional perspective.

He is also the co-author (under a nom de plume) of the political novel CRA$HMAKER: A Federal Affaire (2000), a not-so-fictional story of an engineered crash of the Federal Reserve System, and the political upheaval it causes.

His latest books are: “How To Dethrone the Imperial Judiciary” … and Constitutional “Homeland Security,” (2007) Volume One, The Nation in Arms…

Edwin Vieira, Jr. Commentaries – Archive


Daniel V. McGonigle III is an instructor at Camp Constitution. He taught a class on The Powers of the Purse and the Sword this summer, and he will teach a class next summer on Bastiat’s “The Law”—It’s Principles and the American Constitution. As a student and follower of the Vieira principles, he is now working on the first in a series of his own edited books dedicated to aspects of the power of the sword and the urgent necessity for state legislators to revitalize “the Militia of the several States”. He is a graduate of Wentworth Institute of Technology. In his former career as a carpenter and building construction superintendent, he held various credentials relative to supervision, compliance and teaching of building codes, construction safety and carpentry. He wrote a course for the union on construction safety & health regulations before they started teaching it to their members. He is self-taught in history, natural law and the Constitution. He ran for the Massachusetts legislature once in the ‘90s. He performed a constitutional analysis of the 2009 Massachusetts “pandemic bill” legislation (S.2028/H.4271) and led a State House lobby effort using those analyses, which successfully resulted in the draconian bill dying in conference committee following passage of the House version, after it had initially passed the Senate 36-0.

Mr. McGonigle’s facebook page is and he can be reached by email at