Persecuted Christians in the United States and Around the World, And Slavery is Alive and Well


Camp Constitution Speakers Bureau hosted speaking engagements for William Brown of Save the Persecuted Christians, Philip Zodhiates, author of Innocent The Price One Man Paid For Doing What Is Right, and Getch Dires. Mr. Brown discussed the persecution of Christians around the world and the Biden Administration’s indifference to Chrisitan persecution.  Mr. Zodhiates discussed his ordeal with the Obama Administration’s case against him and his experience serving a three-year jail sentence in a federal prison for the “crime’ of driving a mother and daughter to an airport so the mother could leave the United States to protect her daughter from sexual abuse, and Getch Davis, originally from Ethiopia, discussed how slavery is alive and well in many African nations with the full knowledge of Black leaders in Africa.

Special thanks to Pastor Bob and Pamela Andrews of the First Parish Congregational Church of Lebanon, Maine and Pastor Jared and Noel Cassidy of the Community Church of Alton, NH: