One & Two-Dimensional Government Leaders Undermine “We The People.”

The Three-Dimensional Leader: Negotiating Your Mission, Resources and Context gives us a scalable reference for understanding good and poor leadership.  Here’s how the template or paradigm applies to rating and assisting leaders in government.

Here is how government in America operates from a three-dimensional perspective: it sees its mission, is to facilitate a set of circumstances that make it favorable for our nation’s chief resource, which is “We the People,” to use our talents, gifts and abilities to innovate goods and services that others find useful and beneficial and are willing to pay us a profitable prices to obtain and enjoy.  The context that good government must keep in focus is the U.S. Constitution, which is based upon Biblical values.

A three-dimensional government leader keeps a long term focus on the mission, resources and context, or the MRC’s.  When government leaders operate from a two-dimensional perspective they only get a bearing on just one or two of these MRC concepts. Worse yet, one-dimensional government leaders think that everything that takes place within the American economy has to include them, their “input and/or control. One-dimensional leadership is all about “me” – not the mission of enabling “we the people.”

One and Two-Dimensional leaders set up “us vs. them” dynamics. They appeal for votes separating us into individual groups of hyphenated-Americans, divided by race, ethnicity and behaviors.  They promise us “African-Americans” rights we already have  as Americans, and which undermine “we the people” seeing ourselves as “one nation under God.”  For instance, I do not need a special law saying you can’t hit me because I am black, because we already have laws that say you can’t assault me.

Responsible and astute government leaders and citizens keep the big picture MRC’s in focus.


Earl C. Wallace, is author of

The Three-Dimensional Leader: Negotiating Your Mission, Resources and Context.

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