Offset Your Socialist Footprint

A short time ago, I had the need to travel to New York City. I opted to travel by Amtrak and ordered my round trip ticket on line. As soon as my payment was approved, a window opened up asking me to offset my “carbon footprint”( see photo below) by making a donation to an environmental organization. I was under the impression that by traveling by train, I was already going green and saving the planet. But it just wasn’t good enough. Amtrak still burns nasty fuel, and as a rider, I was guilty of a climate crime. Donating to an environmental group would mitigate my guilt. Of course, there is no man-made global warming and if man-made global warming did exist, all of our efforts would be negated by one large volcanic eruption.

While I wasn’t guilty of climate crime by riding Amtrak, I was guilty in participation in a socialist enterprise. Amtrak is a creation of the federal government. So, instead of having me donate to some environmental organization, Amtrak should encourage all that travel to offset our socialist footprint by donating to a freedom orientated organization. May I humbly suggest Camp (Hal Shurtleff serves as director of Camp Constitution) photo (51)