Observations on the Recent State Visit of China

1) When the limo arrives on the South Lawn the door is locked from the inside, which embarrasses the receiving US sailor trying to open it.

2) On the other side of the Limo President Hu Jintao steps out.  In America, our custom is to shake hands with visiting dignitaries.  Yet here there is no handshake. Instead Obama bows (or Kowtows) to president  Hu Jintao three times. Hu Jintao merely watches, but does not return the salutation.

3) About eleven minutes in there is a presentation of a colonial fire and drum band. Oddly they are all wearing the red coats of the British. Indeed, The Whitehouse has quite a lot of red on display with Chinese Communist flags flying side by side with US flags.

4) Inside the White House the Chinese pianist Lang Lang (who resides quite comfortably in New York) plays an anti-American song:

Afterwards Obama says how proud he was to host China as Hu Jintao hugs Lang Lang for playing the insulting song.