None Dare Call It Conspiracy

I recently saw a meme that read:  “I need new conspiracy theories because all my old ones have come true.”   ‘The Insiders” now called the “Deep State” and its operatives have derided those who dare draw different conclusions that the narrative they put forward as “conspiracy theorists.”  Like being called a racist or some type of “phobe”, that label is supposed to end the discussion.  Many conservatives will begin a sentence with the clause “While I am not a conspiracy theorist…”   This immediately puts them on the defensive.  And while there are plenty of crazy theories out there, some of which I believe are manufactured to discredit those who don’t accept the Deep State’s narrative, there have been numerous articulate promoters of the conspiratorial view of history- the late Garty Allen being one of them.

Gary Allen’s epiphany is explained in his article “How the Left Turned Me Right.”    In the article, Gary tried to set a conservative on his college football team straight.  The player loaned him a short stack of books to prove his position, and Gary read them.  Instead of refuting his teammates worldview, the information in the books changed his mind and became on the nation’s top promoters and defenders of the conspiratorial view of history.  From the mid 1960’s until his death in 1988, he wrote extensively on the subject covering morality, economics, race relations, banking, and international affairs.  He also did on-site reporting.  His articles in the monthly “American Opinion”  proved that he was a generation ahead of his time.  Unlike many conservative authors that come out with a ghost-written book every other month that contains little useful information, offering no solutions accept to vote Republican and, of course, buy the author’s next book, Gary’s books were meant to be widely distributed.

In 1972, Gary Allen published None Dare Call It Conspiracy.  Over six million copies were distributed, and the book is still having an impact on people today.  Gary also toured the country and appeared on many independent radio stations.  Here is one of Gary’s presentations that he gave on the subject:

A link to a free downloadable audio version:

Recently, a friend donated a batch of 1st edition paperback versions still in their original box.  They are available from our on-line bookstore: