Massachusetts Citizens Deserve Fair Elections By Kathy Lynch

Massachusetts Citizens Deserve Fair Elections

By Kathy Lynch

Republican State Committeewoman

Westford, Lowell, Tyngsboro, Pepperell, Groton, and Dunstable

 Some people claim that Joe Biden won the 2020 Presidential election while others claim Trump won in a landslide. The truth of the matter is, until all legal votes are counted and certified, in all states, we will not be able to claim a legal winner. Battleground states of Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Georgia, are being contested and are not yet certified.

 One thing is certain, though. This election has brought election integrity to the forefront. Attorney Sydney Powell has compiled a long and growing list of evidence of voter fraud at In a television interview, she equated the amount of evidence coming forth like “drinking from a firehose.”

 Examples of voter fraud include fraudulent voter registrations, deceased voters, ballots cast in the name of others without consent, ballots mailed without request, counting ballots more than once, ballots magically appearing in new-found boxes, and so much more. 

 Now is the time to fix this appalling situation or never trust an election again!

How can we fix this? Here is a start:

  1. Reserve mail-in voting only in rare circumstances such as for overseas military who cannot vote in person. Offering mail-in voting to the masses will, as we have seen, increase voter fraud.
  2. Require voter ID. This should be a no-brainer. By doing so, you ensure one citizen, one vote. For those rare mail-in votes, signatures should be verified.
  3. Don’t make it easier for illegal immigrants to vote through slippery-slope legislation like drivers’ licenses for illegal immigrants.
  4. Increase the number of poll workers and watchers, with all political parties represented.
  5. Use paper ballots instead of electronic ballots. Voting systems like Dominion have been proven to be programmable or hackable to favor certain candidates.

 While we await the final election results for the 2020 Presidential Race, let us take this opportunity to investigate and ensure that all future elections will be conducted with fair election procedures, as listed above, that produce honest results we can trust. 

 Now is the time to connect with fellow citizens who want fair elections. Email Visit and Like for events, articles, photos and commentary.

 Our lives are greatly affected by laws made by our elected leaders. Let us make sure that those leaders are the ones we truly elect through fair and honest elections.