Mark Meckler, CEO of Parler-A Troubling Development


Like tens of thousands of Americans, I signed up for Parler because, unlike Twitter, and Facebook, it supported free speech. Early January, it was deplatformed.  It is now back in business with Mark Meckler as its CEO.  This is a troubling development.
Who is Mark Meckler
I first encountered Mark Meckler back in September 2011 at an event held at Harvard Law School entitled Conference on the Constitutional Convention that he co-hosted with Larry Lessig, a left-wing Harvard law professor.  The odious Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks was also on hand at this event.   In the wake of this event, Meckler formed Convention of the States (COS), and Uygur formed Wolf PAC.  Both groups have the same goal:  hold an Article V Convention.  Meckler’s group openly advocates “structural change” of the U.S. Constitution.   Meckler, who claims to be a conservative Christian, vilifies patriots who dare oppose an Article V Convention.  His New Hampshire COS once accused me and fellow vocal Article V opponents of bribing New Hampshire State Senator Kevin Avard.  Thanks to a friend who was receiving unsolicited E-mails from COS, we caught them in this lie.
Meckler’s departure from COS to Parler may be because, COS has had little success over the past three years getting its resolutions for an Article V Convention passed by state legislatures.  Recently in New Hampshire, the State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs Committee voted 19-2 against his resolution.  However, he may be using Parler to advance an Article V Convention.  Time will tell.

A link to an Article and video we did about the men behind an Article V Convention:

Meckler with Joanne Blades of Living Room Conversations and the Soros funded MoveOn

Meckler and Van Jones working together