Lexington, MA Historical Society Embraces Black Lives Matter-Rev. Steve Craft Interviewed on the subject

Recently, I visited Lexington Center (MA) and noticed a Black Lives Matter banner hanging in front of the Lexington  (MA) Historic Society.   I decided to contact the society and below is an E-mail exchange I had with its director:

“Dear Folks:

While I was on my morning walk. I noticed a “Black Lives Matter” banner over your entrance. While, of course, black lives matter, the organization Black Lives Matter, is a militant, violent anti-American organization whose founders proudly exclaim that they are Marxists and have a hatred for Western Civilization, the United States, and its history. They even defaced the 54th Regiment monument that stands across the Massachusetts State House and destroyed a Frederick Douglas statue in New York.

The Lexington Historic Society is a fine organization that does an excellent job promoting the contributions and sacrifices made by Black Americans. It has no need to virtue signal or support an organization whose members would gladly tear down the statues and monuments in Lexington.

Hal Shurtleff

Dear Mr. Shurtleff,

Thanks for reaching out to us and sharing your thoughts. Back in June, we made a statement that we would commit to being anti-racist.

“Due to recent events, we have come to realize how much more we need to do to be actively anti-racist within our organization. The Society pledges to redouble our efforts to be anti-racist, to work with our members and peers to dismantle white privilege, and to disavow white supremacist ideology.” Please read our full statement here. https://www.lexingtonhistory.org/uploads/6/5/2/1/6521332/lexington_historical_society_statement_on_racial_equity_6.8.2020.pdf

By displaying a Black Lives Matter banner, we are taking one small step towards the promise we made in June and proclaiming that we will no longer tolerate white supremacy and racism. We are not alone in this; we are in the company of thousands of people and organizations around the country, including many in Lexington, who support the Black Lives Matter movement. We are proud to display the banner, and will continue to do so.

Happy holidays. Erica”

Dear Erica:

Thank you for your response. I am surprised to learn that the Lexington Historic Society is full of racists and white supremacists. While I realize that many white progressives are racist, and living in Lexington with a Black population of 1.5 % is evidence of the racism of its residents, I don’t understand how hanging a banner of a racist, Black Supremacist organization whose members have committed acts of violence against those in the Black Community, will somehow solve your organization and the Town of Lexington’s racism. white privilege, and white supremacy.

I am sure that NPR and CNN didn’t report this story, but the leader of the Boston Chapter of Black Lives Matter, Monica Cannon-Grant, engaged in a racist attack against a Black woman who is married to a white man and has interracial children: https://www.bostonherald.com/2020/07/22/black-republican-whose-interracial-marriage-was-slammed-by-ayanna-pressley-supporter-says-she-seeks-apology-gets-none/ Rayla is a friend.

More recently, another Boston Black Lives Matter leader, honored by the Red Sox, was arrested for punching an 80 year-old woman: https://www.lawenforcementtoday.com/black-lives-matter-hero-who-was-honored-by-the-red-sox-arrested-for-punching-80-year-old-woman/ You can find hundreds of such incidents of Black Lives Matter members engaging in violent activities all over the U.S. Will the Lexington Historic Society condemn the violence of Black Lives Matter?

While misguided white progressives may look upon your BLM banner with pride, many, especially those who live in the black community see it as a sign that your organization supports violence and mayhem. I will leave you with a short video of my friend Bebe Reid from Harlem who confronted a group of privileged white progressive women on Lexington Green: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGEzfHHz3GA&feature=youtu.be

It has been almost a week and no reply from Erica since then.

Hal Shurtleff

Here is a short video I did in front of the Lexington Historical Society with Rev. Steve Craft