In Loving Memory of Mildred Fay Jefferson, MD

Bill McNally, Charlie Darling and Hal Shurtleff attended the Memorial Service today at
Our Lady Help of Christians, 573 Washington Street, Newton, MA  02458

There were about 350 Right-to-Lifers in attendance.

The Knights of Columbus in their splendid regalia led the procession in and out of the service.
Many “drivers” were there – Hal and me included and Dan Hogan!
The priest mentioned that a memorial would be held in Texas for Dr. “J”.
Since she was the first black to graduate from Harvard Medical School a mention
was made of a possible event later at Harvard University.

The luncheon after the Mass was held downstairs in the same Hall that hosted Mother Teresa and Dr. Jefferson
after they both received Honorary Degrees from Holy Cross in the 1970’s – They walked side by side to the podium.

Two of Jefferson interns read the Gospel of John and Revelations during the Mass.

The attached photos were taken from the memorial card created by
along with the following tribute –

To A Pioneer- Trailblazer,

Truly, The Doctor For The Unborn!

As the first Black woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School in 1951,
You served as a mentor, and as a role model for many, second to none,
As the first woman admitted to membership in the Boston Surgical Society,
Yet, nothing could have given you greater pride,
Than to be a Right-to-Lifer with your firm piety!

After the American Medical Association turned your “Hippocratic” oath,
Into one for you, now, “Hypocritical”,
Which instead, you stood firm to resist,
You became a founder of the National Right to Life Committee, and both:
Served 3 times as its President, and ran 3 times for the U. S. Senate!

No wonder we now all wish you well,
To your eternal reward in Heaven with Our Lord,
For totally in love with The Unborn you fell,
You used your grace and charm, as your more effective sword!

So, please, keep us in your prayers,
It’s your encouragement we still need,
For the long-awaited Prolife victory we all seek,
Doctor Mildred Fay Jefferson, MD may Our Lord Jesus, speed!
                                                   By Lawrence R. Rosano