I Saw Poland Betrayed is now available

I Saw Poland Betrayed by Arthur Bliss Lane

I Saw Poland Betrayed by Arthur Bliss Lane

Camp Constitution’s official camp bookstore  AmericanistBookStore.com has just made “I Saw Poland Betrayed” by Arthur Bliss Lane. available.  This is the  saddle stitch version which was published by the American Opinion Reprint Series 1961.  Here is the forward written by Robert Welch:

Here is the record of the deliberate betrayal of Poland into Communist hands by our State Department, told by our own Ambassador to Poland while these events were taking  place.

Arthur Bliss Lane gave up his career as one of America’s most distinguished diplomats, and peace and friendships and prestige and all ambition for the future, in order to tell the American people, in this book, what Communist influences in Washington were doing to their Government, and what there Government in turn was doing to the peoples of other lands.

But the forces behind George Marshall and Dean Acheson and Alger Hiss were already too powerful and too well entrenched.  Amid the cacophonous blasts of pro-Communist propaganda, the few voices shouting the truth simply could not make themselves heard.  Lane’s book created the splash of a pebble, thrown into and against the current of a fast-flowing stream and soon sank out of sight.

In the few years before Arthur Bliss Lane died, literally of a broken heart, he became my very good friend.  For that personal reason, as well as for more obvious and far more important considerations, we hope that this book in this inexpensive form will now reach enough audience, and have sufficient impact, to justify his great sacrifice.  It can still help to save America from the slavery that was imposed on Poland.